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With the spirit of Independent Filmmaking at the fore-front, CinemaSlice was created to serve as a platform to support and promote original content, intellectual properties, and collaborative projects. Through an intense creative process we are able to produce high-level entertainment by combining the efforts of talented musicians, writers, actors, designers, illustrators, cinematographers, animators, producers, directors, and wandering vagabonds.

Jargon aside, we are a couple of creative-types who work together to make cool films, videos, Downloadable content, articles, music videos and web-series.

Some of our content has been featured in various film festivals (both International and domestic). Still more of our content can be viewed on Roku and Troma NOW.


As our goals continue to expand and evolve, we will remain searching for new collaborators and contributors! Are you a writer, illustrator, animator, actor, or filmmaker? Do you have an original show idea? Are you interested in getting involved? Do you have a series produced that you would like CinemaSlice to feature?

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