2. House on Willow Street (Movie Review)

House on Willow Street (98% Netflix Match)


Netflix Description: A group of desperate kidnappers learn the hard way that their captive isn’t just another damsel in distress… She’s a demon.


Have to be honest with this, I don’t recognize a single actor in this one. I see that a few have played in some bigger movies recently like Robocop and Step Up 3D but I haven’t seen either to be able to fully judge on these actors skills. The actor that stood out the most to me didn’t even get the spotlight and that was Gustav Gerdener who played James. Gustav seemed like a natural and did a hell of a job at acting possessed. Hopefully he will get picked up for some bigger roles in the future!

Now on to the camera work which is something I usually do not touch on. For not being a blockbuster hit, the camera work was on par and looked very fluid. I especially liked the scenes that required the camera to follow the actors. There was just enough stability to make it not “shaky cam” but still give it enough bounce to make the camera seem natural. To which I give the team props.

As far as effects go, they did a good job at only using CGI when the absolutely had to which I applaud. Many low budget horror movies these days rely heavily on CGI and I cannot stand it. Which is a complete one eighty on how things used to be. All we use to see were guys in suits or prosthetic makeup but since CGI became more available it’s all we see now. Unfortunately GOOD CGI takes a lot of TIME which means it costs a lot of MONEY. That’s why low budget horror movies then end up with that terrible CGI work that we now see scattered across streaming services. This movie gets a pass by me in the effects department… except for that van on fire in the end. It looked like the fire was just a layer above that van the whole time just sitting there burning. It didn’t blend in to the footage at all. Overall you get a B – on effects from me.

I Feel as though I was very generous this time around. Didn’t throw a ton of shade while doing a review. Oh what am I kidding, lets block out the sun!

Did you read that Netflix description up there or have you just been skimming? Well if you did read it then you have pretty much watched the whole movie. That’s all it is. Group kidnaps girl for ransom, she ends up being possessed by a demon and then they get picked off one by one. With the exception of the little twist at the end which unless you are completely oblivious to everything you will see coming from a mile away. The thing that struck me odd is that this demon can stop bullets but it can’t get itself out of a freaking neck chain! I mean come on, that made it sooooo dumb. Okay, sunglasses on. Lets block a little of this shade and let you decide the rest for yourself.


Play by Play (aka my own RiffTrax)

  • I find it funny he’s wearing a cross necklace and using it to pray to God before he goes and kidnaps someone
  • Why wouldn’t you restrain her hands!
  • Why is no one wearing gloves! Obviously not a top notch operation if you can’t even keep yourself from getting fingerprints everywhere
  • You don’t hear James screaming for 10 minutes in pain but now all of a sudden you hear him!?
  • Why does she drop shell casing? You stop bullets from hitting you, not casings
  • So much for being a mighty demon if it can’t even get itself out of a neck restraint
  • Makeup is done well
  • Getting a hardcore Resident Evil vibe right now with that tongue thing
  • I hate that fire so much lol

Final Vote

This movie was just okay overall. If you have the chance to buy it, don’t buy it at full price. Maybe in a clearance bin somewhere or just watch it on Netflix before it’s rotated out. Nothing blew me away with this one but it was watchable so it lands that average 3 out of 6. So if you’re doing some school work or just got home from a long day throw House On Willow Street on for some background noise.



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