3. Demonic (Movie Review)

Demonic (96% Netflix Match)

Netflix Description: When amateur ghost hunters visit an abandoned house, their investigation turns into a massacre, leaving questions for a detective and a psychologist.

Review: I hate to keep rating these movies so low but I mean come on. Snooze fest after snooze fest. No literally, I fell asleep during this movie and had to start over where I left off at a later time. When you watch a movie it shouldn’t feel like work and that’s exactly what it felt like to watch this.

Lets start with the characters. Not a single one stood out to me. I usually like fresh actors in movies instead of stars we’ve seen time and again. With the exception to movies like this. You could have went to any college campus anywhere and picked random, generic people to be in this and that’s exactly what this cast felt like. “Hey kid, do you want to be in a movie, cuz now you’re in a movie!” The only character I felt anything for, and don’t ask me why was Jenkins played by Terence Rosemore. He just seemed like one of those guys you really hoped nothing would happened to in the movie because he looked like a genuine guy. That’s just me though, I like interesting characters. As my mom always says, “If everyone in the world was the same, it would be a really boring place” and that is what most of this cast makes… a very boring movie.

As far as the movie goes it is one of those “Start where it ends” kind of movies. It also does a lot of going back and forth between present time and them watching video of what happened before the investigators got there. The whole layout of the movie bothered me to be honest. STOP JUMPING AROUND!

This is a James Wan movie by the way. His movies are always in theaters so this one must of slipped past me. James is one of those directors who is 50/50, you love him or hate him. I like him for the most part because he has kept horror alive. That’s just my personal opinion. He brought back the jump scare and does a good job at baiting a scene. He does it so much though that you just expect it now and it’s not a surprise. Well that’s how this movie goes. Lots of baiting. You’re like, “man, I bet this is gonna happen”. Then it does and it’s just bleh.

I finished this movie out in bed, well the last 30 minutes of it or so (remember back to when I told you it put me to sleep)? Well the first 10 minutes of the last 30 was the same… Then it happened. It was as if someone flipped a switch or directors even. I don’t know what happened but suddenly i’m not watching the same movie. That’s what it felt like at least. It was as if everyone took film making classes before making the final scenes. It was GREAT! The final scene unfolds and I am left wanting more. Which left me with the burning question, WHY WASN’T THE REST LIKE THIS!

Play by Play 

  • The intro is well done
  • I can’t care about these characters
  • They don’t even die right
  • The parts with action don’t even get you pumped
  • I can’t believe I just fell asleep hahaha
  • Is this the same movie?

Final Vote

It’s getting a 3 out of 6 reels only because the end pulled me back in and left me wanting more. Without that Hail Mary of a play it would have easily been slapped with a 1 or 2 reel rating. If you feel the need, add this movie to your watch later list and literally… don’t watch the movie till later, because it’s the best part.



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