3rd Annual CinemaSlice Black Friday Shoot!

Being a part of the annual CinemaSlice Black Friday film shoot is becoming a tradition for me! I’ve only been involved in two of them so far, but plan to be a part of as many as I can be in the future. However Nic and Michael come up with these ideas is working for them: each year has its own style and factor of cheesiness that I love.

This year’s trailer is for a zombie baseball film.

I met up with my fellow slicers at a baseball field in Bay City’s south end. Stepping out of my car two things immediately became clear: there were a lot of new faces this year, and none of us had a great understanding of the rules of baseball. That didn’t stop us from having fun though.

We started off doing crowd shots and inserts of ‘human’ baseball players. This was a lot of fun: I was basically yelling nonstop. At one point each actor got to do a one-on-one interview about how they thought the game would go against the zombies. Gave all of us a chance to make up some zinger one liners.

The freedom to make up our own lines is a great example of one on my favorite things about Black Friday shoots: a chance to improvise.

Sure there is an outline of shots that are needed for the project, but cast and crew alike are encouraged to come up with new ideas and lines. Everyone had a chance to try things their way. I love this because it’s just not something that I get to do much on set anymore. It’s a bit of chaos that makes for a better product.

It was great to see that the CinemaSlice community is growing larger. New faces brings new ideas, friendships, and future projects into play. Hopefully next year’s shoot brings in even more people!

This Black Friday is also the first time I’ve been on a set that used a drone. It was neat seeing a DJI Phantom up close! I was surprised by how short of a battery life it had though. Still, the variety of shots we can get because of it will be pretty sweet.

What stood out the most for me though was the blood. Fake blood, that is. After I was in zombie costume, I got splashed with a gallon of blood. It was cold, wet, and freaking awesome. A few others got splashed as well: I’m looking forward to seeing it in the finished trailer.

I can’t say enough about how much fun these shoots are. They’re a nice balance of relaxed atmosphere and dedicated filmmaking. Black Friday shoots are also a good starting point if you’re never been on set but are still curious about how they work. If you live in the Bay City area (Assuming the shoot will continue to be in MI!!!!) and find yourself bored on Black Friday next year, stop on out to set and give us a hand!

There’s always great people and fun scenes to be made.

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