5. The Devil’s Candy (Movie Review)

The Devil’s Candy (86%Netflix Match)

Netflix Description: A struggling painter moves his family into a house with a horrific past and soon finds himself being artistically inspired by demonic forces.


As soon as I saw IFC Midnight scroll across the screen I immediately knew I was in for a ride. IFC either has really bad movies, really good hidden gems or movies that make you question your moral standings just for watching them lol. Thankfully The Devil’s Candy is one of those gems you never thought you would uncover, but you do. This film shows us the reality of true evil which is man.

Lets start off with the acting on this one. Not a single poor performance across the board. I love it when I can watch a movie and feel like i’m getting to peer into this other dimension into peoples lives. That is exactly what a film should be. When you can tell someone is acting it ruins the whole thing, it breaks your concentration. This movie pulled me in from start to finish and left me on the edge of my seat.

Pruitt Taylor Vince plays such a damn good killer/mental patient that it makes you fear you never see his character in real life. I assumed this movie was going to be some typical black contact wearing, people flying across the room jump fest and it wasn’t. He can get that look in his eyes where he looks like he his off in his own world and it sells his character even more. That disconnect he can do is amazing.

I didn’t realize it at first but at the end I saw Ethan Embry as almost like this Christ like figure. Not sure if they meant him to seem that way or not but it came off to me like he was. He was rocking that medium long hair with the short beard defeating the evil that was Vince. I would really love to talk the writers on this one and pick their brain. The same look goes for most metal dudes though so maybe it’s just me reaching for more than it’s worth.

Speaking of metal.. oh man was there metal. This movie definitely had one killer soundtrack. Lots of Metallica throughout the whole film. From the music itself to band shirts and mentions of the band. I wonder how much it costs or who you have to know to get all of the rights from Metallica for their content. I know the band is heavy on making sure they get their due and I don’t blame them one bit (looking at you Napster).

That being said I wonder if this movie would have the same effect on other viewers. If it would captivate them like it did me. I work as a professional house and business painter and one of my hobbies is playing guitar. For many years playing metal and gigging around with my various bands was a way of life. So the fact that Ethan’s character was a artist and was into metal made that connection for me even stronger. There is so much there that I can relate with that it made it feel like it was my family being attacked.

The only thing that I hated about this film was the children that were hurt. That’s not something I can strike against the film, it’s just a personal thing I have that I don’t like to see kids or animals hurt in movies. For a long time it was almost a unspoken rule of something you don’t do when making a film. When it did happen it was something that was more implied that they had been hurt than actually showing anything. The Devil’s Candy didn’t show anything but it came pretty damn close and there was no implying needed.

I’m not a big fan of telling you what a film is about scene by scene. My goal is to express the things I really liked and didn’t like and let you decide if it’s something you want to watch. If I give you a play by play of the whole movie then what is left for you to watch? Leave me a comment about what you like about reviews and what I could add or take away. I always enjoy discussions on films you have already watched as well. Have you watched The Devil’s Candy? Go ahead and leave me a comment in the comment section!

Final Vote

I would give it a six out of six reels but promised to use that only for special occasions. This comes in as the highest rated film in my review series. Absolutely overjoyed I didn’t have to end this with another stinker. Three of those were just unwatchable lol. The Devil’s Candy from start to finish delivered. Not once did I break focus from watching it so hellyeah! I want more from director Sean Byrne now. I see he made another one called “The Loved Ones”. Probably going to check that out as soon as schedule allows.

The End

That brings us to the end of my article series to see how well my Netflix account knows me. If you didn’t get a chance to read from the beginning here is the link. — or read all of my articles HERE.

Overall I would say that Netflix did a average job at rating my taste in films. The only good ones were XX and The Devil’s Candy so that is at least 2 out of 5. Other than that ye be garbage Netflix. Do better. No one likes the new rating system. How does one simply rate with a thumbs up or down? I need all dem stars to express my full range of snowflake feelings. As Donnie Darko says, ” There are other things that need to be taken into account here, like the whole spectrum of human emotion. You can’t just lump everything into these two categories and then just deny everything else”.

The algorithm no longer works without the star rating system. Cameron Johnson of Netflix said that the shift was needed (yeah right). Users did not understand that when they searched for a movie and saw stars it wasn’t the movies rating. It was what Netflix calculated you would give it as a rating. So people were avoiding movies with low stars, but isn’t that what you would want? Your system was working, your algorithm was working. If the stars represented what they thought you would rate a movie then it works. You wouldn’t be getting a bunch of terrible movies suggested all the time.

Everything was truly tailored to the user and they knew that. Netflix wouldn’t be able to shove all their originals down your throat if you rated one bad. Then all of their originals would start showing up as low stars in your searches. That’s all this is in the end dear reader, business…

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