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Don’t listen! Practical advice, of a sort…

Hello kids! Long time no see, eh? Doc here, writing to give you hope and to ease your worries.

I know what you are thinking, “Who does this nerd think he is?”

I know who I am (just peeked at my IMDB credits, you know, to be sure) and I am here to tell you, if you don’t create and you are a creative person, life will start to suck.

Let me give you an example, a look behind the curtain so to speak.

Here is how you fade out, and how you can break the rut that we all get into from time to time. It’s not easy, because life is hell and everything is on fire, but you can do it!

It all starts with questions.

What if they laugh at me? What if I fail? What if that cute girl/guy doesn’t want to interface with me?

The words of the questions vary, but they all have the common denominator of fear. Then, after you tell yourself these types of things long enough, they cease to be questions and become statements.

They will laugh at me. I will fail. I can’t get laid.

I am here to tell you, don’t listen to that voice. I can hear you guys already, “Easier said than done”.

That attitude will get you nowhere, because THAT IS STILL THAT VOICE. That voice comes from within, but most commonly it comes from people that want to see you fail. And you will fail, the longer you listen to that negative bullshit.

How do I know? I had some tragic events happen to me in the past two years and although it wasn’t one thing, it was a cumulative effect that had me so low I just didn’t want to do anything. And I mean anything.

I used to have various random moments of fear, like the character I played in cinemaslice’s Darkling. I didn’t think I could pull that off, in fact I was scared to death.

I played a Vietnam vet that has a meltdown that results in suicide. I thought I was over my head, but I didn’t listen to the doubts and fears. I said to myself, “Screw it. If it doesn’t work it will get cut.”

I was right; the scene plays out and is very realistic. I am glad it did and I am proud of that performance.

What I am saying is this: If you do nothing you get nothing.

I am just now coming out of my funk and it happens to all of us at one time or another. Perseverance is the word of the day. Put your head down and just crank it out. Whatever “it” is. More people are pulling for you than you think.

A Suds & Cinema Christmas Pt 1 of 2


Christmas is about to arrive and Brie(Gigi Henderson) is worried. She believes she has been naughty. Her concerns are soothed, however, by Santa Claus(Jamie Landau) himself as he is delivering her presents. When she discovers that Santa isn’t who he says he is Brie decides to take matters into her own hands.

Horror has a history of being paired with Christmas stories and in Naughty, directed by Shawn Driscoll, this pairing is pulled off to great effect. A cleverly written story, which keeps you questioning what’s coming next, combined with a creepy performance by Gigi Henderson makes for a horrifying Christmas film. Humor is also added to lighten the mood just enough to make the horror elements more digestible as some may not appreciate the gore.

I give Naughty 5 out of 6 reels.

This Present Situation: A Dark Christmas Comedy

After a freak accident during his Christmas Eve deliveries, Santa Claus(Kyle Vesey) has gone missing. He was last seen at the house of Little Jenny Lou(Ruby Doubtfire). So gather round the fireplace and listen to the rhyming narrator(Andrew Protopapas) as he tells us the tale of what befell Ol’ Saint Nick.

Directed by Alex Caperton, This Present Situation: A Dark Christmas Comedy is exactly what the title describes. It’s a dark comedy with a twist, as it’s also a musical. Well, a musical in that the narrator is reciting the entire story in rhyme. Like some musical inspired films this rhyming element can be polarizing. Since the comedy leans towards the fantastical, the rhyming element fits in perfectly. Similar to other Christmas classics like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, This Present Situation is a dark but delightfully funny watch.

I give This Present Situation: A Dark Christmas Comedy 5 out of 6 reels.

Joyeux Noël 

A woman(Haley Webb) struggles with feelings of pain and loss during the happiest day of the year, Christmas. She goes through the motions, contemplating her thoughts. How does one cope when the anniversary of a tragedy lands on a day of widespread celebration?

A dramatic short taking place during the Christmas holiday Joyeux Noël, directed by Haley Webb, takes a serious look at the joyous holiday. Beautifully narrated by Laettitia Guyot, the story of Joyeux Noël is relatable for many who have had tragic events happen during the holidays. Haley Webb’s performance is understated and helps the viewer to see her struggles and emotions. This great performance along with the wonderfully narrated story make for a powerful film.

I give Joyeux Noël 6 out of 6 reels.

The Green Jello Song from Thanksgiving: The Musical

It’s time for the grandest meal of the year. Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for our blessings and the delicious food we are about to eat. What happens, however, when the meal has ended and the leftovers are ready to be put away?

Short and sweet, The Green Jello Song from Thanksgiving: The Musical is an amusing look into the life of a neglected side dish. Animators Sam & Allison are able to make you interested, laugh, and ultimately care for an untouched plate of food. It would be interesting to get more than a brief visit to this world. Despite the short time, however, The Green Jello Song is still highly enjoyable.

I give The Green Jello Song from Thanksgiving: The Musical 4 out of 6 reels.


Roger Blackstone(Robert Ellis Smith) is extending the olive branch to his estranged son Frank(Nick Gifford). He has invited Frank and his girlfriend Trisha(Lanecia Edmonds) for a Thanksgiving dinner. Things quickly fall apart as secrets revealed lead to some embarrassing and hilarious situations.

A short comedy about the craziness that occurs during family functions Thanksgiving, directed by Mike Messier, is an amusing look into these issues. The situations presented are funny although, at times, they do get over the top. This makes the events all the more quirky, but this style may not be for everyone. With every character being fleshed out and well acted it gives the audience a clear picture of their personality and motivations. Thanksgiving is recommended for anyone who enjoys a well done, dramatic comedy.

I give Thanksgiving 5 out of 6 reels.

A Geechee Christmas 

Paul(Matthew Myers) has started a new life, one away from his ex wife Kandi(Denia Hamilton) and their children. Paul’s new family(Paula Walton, Teron Legare Taylor, and Damya Hamilton) are settling in for Christmas Eve unaware that Paul’s ex wife, Kandi, has a plan. It seems Paul hasn’t been the greatest father and Kandi’s scheme is set to give Paul a truly dysfunctional holiday.

Stressful situations can sometimes dominate the holidays and in A Geechee Christmas, directed by J. Paul The Demigod, we get a darkly comedic take on these problems. Setting up a dramatic scenario that wouldn’t be ideal for the holidays makes for a very interesting plot. It then gets even more engaging when a solution to this issue is made. This is when A Geechee Christmas brings the laughs although some may not see the humor due to the children in Paul’s new family being effected in the fallout. A Geechee Christmas is hilarious watch and would be recommended to fans of similar films like Bad Santa.

I give A Geechee Christmas 4 out of 6 reels.

Cookie’s Rap

Cookie the alien has a crazy Christmas tale for all the good boys and girls. It’s not your traditional holiday yarn as it’s being told from the moon and in the form of a rap video. Enjoy!

More of a music video than a traditional film Cookie’s Rap, directed by Alan Maxson, is a one of a kind experience. It’s a funny, totally absurd take on Santa Claus lore as rapped by Cookie, an alien from the moon. Obviously this description alone will make a lot viewers skeptical. If given the chance, however, Cookie’s Rap can be a highly entertaining watch. The creativity, character work, and storytelling are inventive to watch which makes Cookie’s Rap extremely original.

I give Cookie’s Rap 3 out of 6 reels.

O’Tidings of Joy

Santa Claus(Kurt Salgat) is giving a rare look into his workshop during the holiday season. Mrs. Emerson(Tonia Carrier) is finishing her tour and is wondering if her son is going to get his favorite video game. They decide to go to the back room and have a look. Santa’s elves, Pixie(Emily Roszatycki) and Mixie(Bruce Falcon), tag along seeming very excited. Maybe a little too excited.

O’Tidings of Joy, a horror short directed by Nic White & Micheal Welborn, is a frightening look into Santa Claus’s mysterious workshop. The film, similar to the Christmas classic Elf, embraces the Santa Claus lore by treating it as a factual element in a normal, realistic society. What’s intriguing about O’Tidings of Joy is the horror tinge it brings that most of these films lack. Santa’s home is unexplored and it isn’t that far-fetched to believe that something strange may be happening there. Although the overall quality is a little rough around the edges the creative plot alone is worth the watch.

I give O’Tidings of Joy 4 out of 6 reels.

The 2019 Slice Awards

CinemaSlice is excited to announce the official nominees for the first ever Slice Awards!

Our primary goals have never faltered; CinemaSlice continues to produce original videos, showcase independent cinema, and build an awesome community of creative content developers!

CinemaSlice has worked with MANY contributors in 2019– some seasoned with the Slice, and some brand new to the Slice– and we want to take a few moments to THANK and acknowledge everyone’s hard work.

Thus, CinemaSlice is excited to announce the official nominees for the first ever Slice Awards!! We’ve carefully combed through all of the contributions and collaborations the ‘Slice has fostered over the entire year and compiled a list of recognitions below.

2019 Actor of the Year

  • Kyle Blair – “I Know You”
  • David Waldman – “I Know You”
  • John French – “City Garden”
  • Ian Beckroege – “City Garden”
  • Bruce Falcon – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Alex Alexandrou – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Tom Hardy – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Ray Clark – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Avery Willard – “Too True”
  • Mike Neider – “Demon and Abigail”
  • Tony Michael Panzeca – “Smitten”
  • Jim Foreman – “Smitten”
  • John Carr – “Fresh Start”

2019 Actress of the Year

  • Amber Reno – “City Garden”
  • Trish Peters – “City Garden”
  • Emily Roszatycki – “AM/FM/H”
  • Michelle Mersy – “Too True”
  • Valerie Gilbert – “Demon and Abigail”
  • Stephanie Fiest – “Smitten”
  • Su Von – “Smitten”
  • Casey Weishuhn – “I Know You”
  • Tonia Carrier – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Shannyn Pelletier – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Charlene Jeter – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Lacey Schatzer – “Blood on the Lens”

2019 Film Score of the Year

  • Austin Michael Riley – “City Garden”
  • David Waldman – “I Know You”
  • Marvin Maddicks – “Fresh Start”

2019 Filmmaker of the Year

  • Angel Rosa – “Laundromat”
  • John Carr – “Too True”
  • Nic White – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Michael Welborn – “Very Real”
  • Bless Studios – “Pure”
  • Jeremy Allen – “Smitten”
  • Zachary Deering – “Paradise Fear”
  • James Pinson – “The Slice Before Christmas”
  • Gin Wills – “Collision”

2019 Download of the Year

  • David Waldman – “Art Lives On” Original Music Collection
  • Austin Michael Riley – “T.E.M.P.S. v a p o r w a v e collection”
  • Marvin Maddicks, Jr – “SLASHER”

2019 Event of the Year

  • Purple Coat Media – “Suds & Cinema – Grove City, OH”
  • Michael Gonzalez – “Thursday Night Theatre”
  • Tonia Carrier – “Suds & Cinema – Private Stock”
  • August Aguilar – “Suds & Cinema – Knoxville, TN”
  • Nic White – “A Slice of Fright Film Festival”
  • John Sklba – “Suds & Cinema – Holiday Party”

2019 Writer of the Year

  • Jeremy Allen – “City Garden”
  • Michael Welborn – “Fresh Start”
  • Mark Kelly – “Reel Review Articles”
  • Zachary Deering – “Paradise Fear”
  • Kevin Hosey – “Passing Through”

2019 Designer of the Year

  • Ken Leinaar – “Blood on the Lens Poster”
  • Marvin Maddicks, Jr – “SLASHER Comic”
  • Heather David – “Suds & Cinema Pins”
  • Michael Welborn – “#SliceGang Coffee Mugs”
  • NicWhite – “Slice the Planet T-shirt”

2019 Makeup Artist of the Year

  • Trish Peters – “City Garden”
  • Casey Weishuhn – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Ken Shupe & Mark Elizabeth Sink – “Demon and Abigail”

This list is an incomplete list– but does highlights some of the greatest contributions CinemaSlice has received in 2019!


“Good Works” – Reel Review

A woman(Stella Ryan-Lozon) is concerned her life’s purpose may be in jeopardy. Eerie apparitions are tormenting her on an increasingly consistent basis. Will these ghostly visions impede her progress or will she break through these mental instabilities and continue her good work.

Playing like a greatest hits of horror sub genres Good Works, directed by DJ Remark, is a successful short film on many technical fronts. By combining great direction with a mysterious story written by Jason Orr the viewer gets suspenseful tense moments that will please fans of supernatural horror. Great cinematography by Adam Kurtz entwined with gory practical effects by Elizabeth Defelice will delight fans that crave a more realistic feel to their horror. These elements make Good Works an effective piece of scary cinema.

Some mild criticisms of Good Works are a main character whose personality falls a little flat and a storyline that is a bit confusing. Stella Ryan-Luzon plays her character very calmly to protect a revelation during the end of the film. Adding more emotion to the character, though, wouldn’t have ruined the ending. Also, some might want a second viewing due to a slightly perplexing conclusion. Neither of these critiques, however, affect a viewer’s enjoyment of Good Works.

Overall, Good Works is a short horror masterpiece. The ability to mix different sub genres of horror so effortlessly is impressive. Great direction, writing, cinematography and practical effects all helped to make this possible. The main character is a little dry and the ending can be confusing but these don’t disrupt the overall quality. I recommend Good Works to anybody that loves a truly scary movie.

I give Good Works 6 out of 6 reels.

SLASHER – Horror Comic #4

CinemaSlice and Nightmisful Comics are BACK for a final installation of SLASHER Horror Comic! Enjoy the creepy soundtrack music below while you read the extra creepy 4th issue!

Is this really the FINAL comic in the series?! But there are so many unanswered questions!!??

As you know, Slicers, It’s hard to keep a psychopathic killer down…. Stay-tuned for new comics to come from Nightmistful Comics and!


SUDS & CINEMA – Holiday Party – Press Release

CinemaSlice is proud to present the first ever SUDS & CINEMA – Holiday Party and Film Festival event in Memphis, TN!

CinemaSlice is hosting an evening of short films, craft beer, and holiday cheer!

Saturday, December 7th, 2019 • 7pm – 9pm Central
2783 Broad Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112

SUDS & CINEMA is a multi-genre short film celebration, uniquely organized and carefully curated to entertain audiences with independent movies, both locally and on a national level! SUDS & CINEMA – Holiday Party, hosted by John Sklba, this film festival will showcase 12 short holiday films (ranging in length from 1 min – 15 mins) from Memphis and beyond. During the course of the event we’ll be holding an ugly sweater contest and ornament decorating activity! Immediately following the short film presentation, we’re announcing the award winning films, including the “Judge’s Pick” Best in Fest Award and the “Viewer’s Choice” Award (selected by the audience).
So, come on out to this FREE film festival, grab a cold one, and watch some awesome independent short films– and don’t forget those UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!

– Shelf Elf
– Crushed Kringle
– Krampusnacht
– The Present Situation
– Green Jello Song
– Naughty
– Alchemy
– Santa Comes Tonight
– Thanksgiving
– Joyeux Noel
– O Tidings of Joy
– Naughty List
– House Music
– Cookies Rap
– Santa Comes Tonight
– A GeeChee Christmas

About CinemaSlice
With the spirit of Independent Filmmaking at the fore-front, CinemaSlice produces original content, and serves as a platform for independent cinema. By releasing new content on a regular bases, and also hosting film festivals across the US, we’re maintaining our primary goal: SUPPORT INDEPENDENT CINEMA!

History of the ‘Slice
CinemaSlice understands the tremendous amount of work that goes into creating indy films, and the large scale collaborations required to execution projects. CinemaSlice began as a way to facilitate collaborations between contributors in various states. This trend continues to expand and evolve.

CinemaSlice produces original films and videos, and currently has several annual events (Black Friday filmmaking event, A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL, and Suds & Cinema Film Fest), as well as more individual events (pop-uptheater, theatrical premieres, filmmaking competitions, etc). We’ve been very fortunate to work with some of the most talented musicians, artists, and filmmakers over the last few years!  From producing music compilations to short films, from film posters to film reviews, and from feature films to festivals— CinemaSlice continues to strive for quality entertaining content.

At the moment, CinemaSlice is:
• Producing a series of multi-genre film festivals that all take place at breweries— SUDS & CINEMA (— in various states around the U.S.
• Preparing for the 3rd annual Short horror film festival this October (
• Developing content for season 4 of the Horror Anthology Series, A SLICE OF FRIGHT (

Call for Collaborators
In order to maintain a steady stream of original content, CinemaSlice is constantly seeking new contributors to work with. In order to grow, we need your help– If you’re interested in collaborating or contributing to, drop us a line! 

Slice The Planet!

BLOOD ON THE LENS – Soundtrack Free Download

The Official Soundtrack for the satirical horror film, BLOOD ON THE LENS is NOW available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

SLASHER – Horror Comic – Soundtrack

BLOOD ON THE LENS – Soundtrack

This collection of original soundtrack music from the CinemaSlice film, BLOOD ON THE LENS, by Austin-Michael Riley, Marvin Maddicks, Jr, and David Waldman.


Ⓒ CinemaSlice • November 2019

Eternal Code Reel Review

Bio-Engineered Research Ventures has made a monumental discovery in the world of transplantation. In developing their Eternal Life Tech they have found a way to transplant a person’s mind into an entirely different body. In order to further experimentation the board is looking to merge with another company, Intragenetica. 

Against this decision is Bio-Engineered’s CEO, Bridget Pellegrini(Erika Hoveland). She recognizes Intragenetica’s shady intentions and doesn’t want her company’s research being used to “play God”. It’s this decision, however, that puts her, her husband Mark(Billy Wirth), and her daughter Miranda(Angelina Danielle Cama) in immediate danger.

A fellow high-ranking employee, Oliver(Richard Tyson), is willing to do anything to make sure Bridget sees things his way. This includes blackmailing, kidnapping, and even murder. It’s then that homeless war veteran Corey(Damien Chinappi) steps in to help the Pellegrini’s. Corey will do anything to stop Oliver from putting Eternal Life Tech into dangerous hands.

Directed by Harley Wallen, Eternal Code is an action thriller similar in tone to films like Die Hard and Taken. Following in the footsteps of these classics you have all the elements of a great action movie in a world destroying dilemma, a family in peril, a diabolical villain, and a hardened badass hero. Eternal Code takes a while to get going with the first half hour being a little slow. Soon enough the film picks up and brings plenty of high stake scenes that are action packed and full of dramatic tension. The Pellegrini family(Erika Hoveland, Billy Wirth, and Angelina Danielle Cama) does an effective job in making you feel the danger they are in and Richard Tyson turns in an amazing performance as the slimy main antagonist, Oliver. 

The first 30 minutes of Eternal Code is where the film falters somewhat. The “science gone wrong” plot gets explained well enough, but our main protagonist Chris’s(Damien Chinappi) character development felt a little lackluster. He forms a bond with the daughter of the Pellegrini’s by her giving him money and baked goods because of his homelessness. These scenarios felt somewhat forced and unrealistic, even for a film about mind transplantation. Confusion over Chris’s character development continues near the end of the film where he seems to jump from a hardened personality to caring at the drop of a hat, with very little blending in between.

Overall, Eternal Code is an entertaining take on the kick ass action films of the past. The sci-fi plot line is fun and engaging, while the main villain is dangerously menacing. The hero’s motives and his relationships with others are confusing at times, but that doesn’t distract much from the film. Eternal Code is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys good action movies with high stakes and tense, thrilling moments.

I give Eternal Code 5 out of 6 reels