Indy Film Spotlight: Papers X: Carbon Copy

Papers X: Carbon Copy (2018) is the first in the CinemaSlice Indy Film Spotlight series! We’re pleased to present this EPIC Indy film! We’re expecting to see many more great projects from this talented team!

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Log Line

A young girl uncovers her family’s evil past and the evil curse that drives them.



Kayden McCoy, a troubled 15 year old highschool student, is caught off guard with the truth of her Family’s past. She uncovers her secret power acquired by her family after a fire at a Paper Factory in 1938 owned by her Great great Grandfather. Killing him and everyone inside. The Paper Lord Ashley Gray, finds out about her Carbon Copy’s existence and is set on a journey to tie up loose ends.



Behind the Scenes



  • Kayden Bryce – Kayden McCoy
  • Ashley Gray – The Paper Lord
  • Tony McCants – Tony Tale
  • Amy Lange – The Paper Empress
  • Jordan Prisby – The Princess of Construction
  • Raimee Iacofano – The Tissue Goddess
  • Todd Gerdan – Todd McCoy
  • Tyger Sharee – Lacie Sharee-McCoy
  • Kevin Beahon – Kevin, The Paper Soldier
  • Kristina Beahon – Kristina The Note Queen
  • Kel Bryant – Officer Bloodhound
  • John L Criswell Jr. – Security Guard
  • Dayna Day – Ms. Christy
  • Christy Edwards – Christy Wells
  • Johnathan C. Williams – Det. John Roberts
  • Bruce FalconDet. Bruce Wade
  • Adrienne McDonald – Amber Crest
  • Justin David Nelson – Justin Strong
  • Linda Sinishtaj – Linda Oxford
  • Frank B Stevens – Atty. Frank Stevens
  • Dyami Walker – Dyami Walker
  • Sarah Agar – Wendy Hunter (Nature Girl)
  • Nolan Rhys Elias – DJ Murray Shultz

Written & Directed By: Tony McCants

Director of Photography: Tony McCants & Nolan Rhys Elias

Editing By: Tony McCants

Executive Producer: Tony McCants

Associate Producer: Ashley Gray

Tag Phrases

“Papers X” – “Papers” – “Papers Film Series”- “Carbon Copy”

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