Indy Film Spotlight: “The Poker Table Observations”

The Poker Table Observations (2017) is CinemaSlice’s August 2018 Indy Film Spotlight release! The Poker Table Observations, by Classy Dog Pictures is a story about a group of guys playing poker. Throughout the night, the stakes continue to rise! Director Patrick Neff went “all in” on this short comedy– and it’s certainly well worth your time!



Log Line

Just how interesting can a hand of poker get?



Five guys playing poker discuss pop culture, film genres, and learn a little something about each other.




Written and Directed by: Patrick Neff

Produced by: Kurtis Zetouna

Director of Photography: Alex Gasparetto

First AD: Lucie Gillespie

Sound Recording: Kurt Ozinga

Second Unit Camera: Jeremy Taylor

360 Dolly Construction: Robert Neff

PA: Virginia Mardeusz


  • Ron Rigby
  • Richie Rollins
  • Brennan Thmpson
  • Ted E Dee
  • Jimmy Dasani
  • Salina Gusmano
  • Robert Neff
  • Adalla Gusmano
  • Matthew Jendza
  • Joe Cooley
  • Bonnie Moloney
  • Becky Jendza
  • Andrea Matthias
  • Todd Orlando
  • Rachel Gross
  • Bub Fish
  • Noel Fletcher
  • John Parrish
  • John Casterline
  • Cindy Casterline
  • Abby Casterline
  • Ellie Casterline
  • Ethan Robert Neff
  • James Schmidt
  • Noah Cook
  • Josiah Vacarro
  • Natash June

Tag Phrases

Comedy, Short Film, Genre Parody, Poker, Observations

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