Suds & Cinema – Memphis, TN


CinemaSlice is proud to present the first ever SUDS & CINEMA Event in Memphis, TN!

This multi-genre short film showcase is a multi-genre showcase of short films!


  • American Craft: What Beer Can Teach Us About Well-Crafted Laws
  • Haircut Begin
  • Smoke
  • Sac de Merde
  • The Voicemail
  • Saul’s 108th Story
  • GAUNTLET RUN: Origins - Viewer's Choice Award Winner
  • Lightning Strikes
  • The Mirror
  • Happy Bath Day
  • My Plastic Buddha
  • Macocky
  • Pie
  • Toasted- Best-in-Fest Award Winner

Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at WiseAcre Brewery  7pm - 9pm Central

783 Broad Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112

Posters of films showcased:


  • Welcoming Ceremony
  • FilmBlock A
  • FilmBlock B
  • Award Ceremony



Craft Brews

Amazing craft beer on draft! Come out and craft beer, and a variety of craft made short films!


Short Films

CinemaSlice is showcasing multi-genre short films from Memphis, TN and beyond!

Support The Arts

Enjoy some tasty brews and some quality films at Suds & Cinema!



CinemaSlice is presenting an evening celebrating Independent Cinema and great beer at breweries around the US! This multi-genre film celebration is searching for short films of all genres-- that can be enjoyed beside a beer or three!

WHAT: A celebration of short films and craft beer! CinemaSlice is hosting a series of short film showcase-- a combination of amazing craft beers and finely crafted independent films! As supporters of independent cinema, and craft beer connoisseurs-- this festival is the perfect marriage of our 2 loves!

WHEN: Suds & Cinema events will be held throughout the year! (Check calendar above for specific dates)

WHERE: Craft tap rooms, breweries, pubs and bars across the US.

WHY: CinemaSlice loves craft beer, and supports independent cinema! What a great marriage! CinemaSlice curates great short films to showcase to the public at these FREE event!

MICROFILMS should be 15-90 seconds in length.

Short Films should be 1 - 15 mins in length.

Who Can Submit a Film?
Any US Filmmaker. The submitter must be over 18 yrs old.

The person submitting the film must have had a major creative role in the production of the film/video.

What Kinds of Film Are we Looking For?
Comedy! Action! Horror! ETC! We're looking for short films of all genres that are fun to watch!

Is there a limit to the amount on entry's?
We are accepting up to 2 entry's per person.

Other Film Restrictions?
Microfilms must be less than 90 seconds, and short films must be less than 15 mins in length. (Some exceptions may be considered)

Is this an All Ages event?
This contest is for 18+ only. And is held at a tap house/pub.

Your entry fee will help cover the cost of operations, including: jury, staffing, promotional materials, etc.

Is my film disqualified if it's been posted on YOUTUBE or some other form of social media?
Please submit your movie! However if you do submit a movie that is on some form of social media, we do ask that you remove it from the public domain and take your film "dark" as soon as your film is submitted. The reason for this is to build anticipation and excitement for your film's premiere at our festival.


1 . I have read, understated and fully comply with all submission eligibility information, Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Entry and Entry Eligibility requirements.

2 . To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true;

3 . This film or video is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation;

4 . I am duly authorized to submit this film to the festival;

5 . I hold CinemaSlice harmless from any damage to the print(s) or tape(s) en route or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of the film;

6 . I hold CinemaSlice, its owners, management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from my entry.

7 . I certify that I have full rights to the use of the music in the entered work.

8 . I give permission for CinemaSlice to use stills, titles, copy, and/or information from the film for promotional purposes

9 . I give permission for CinemaSlice to screen the film at the Festival as well as any Festival presentations, programs, and/or events.


There is NO 'Film Made By' date. Please feel free to submit your early work as well as your current.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT pay screening fees. If any screening fee is requested by filmmaker(s), the associated film will be disqualified.

Interested in information about hosting this event in your region?