A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FEST – Official Selections

CinemaSlice presents: A Slice of Fright Festival Film Festival.

WHAT: A showcase of 13 short horror films (from US and beyond), 7 short films by CinemaSlice and friends-of-the-Slicers, and the world premiere of a Michigan Made feature-length thriller, The Monster with 21 Faces (CinemaSlice.com/21Faces).

WHERE: The event will be held at the Historical State Theatre in Bay City, MI.

WHEN: The event will be held on Saturday, October 13th, from 5pm-9pm, and the award ceremony/afterparty to follow immediately.


CinemaSlice has selected 13 films to showcase at A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL!


  1. Acne by Arturo Uspango (FL)
  2. Mr Pointy by Dominic Wieneke (SD)
  3. Breathe by Rusty Pietrzak (OH)
  4. Serial Dating by Steve MacLaren (MI)
  5. Nightmare Child by Thomas Moore (TN)
  6. Meat Sack by Wages of Cine (GA)
  7. The Pit by Jeff Vande Zande (MI)
  8. Paralysis by Melissa De Leon (NJ)
  9. 6 Years Later by Kamil Wójcik (Poland)
  10. Z Dead End by Robert Resto (CO)
  11. Play With Me by Ash Hamilton (IL)
  12. Am I Scary Now by Jon David Leslie (CA)
  13. Compensation by Chu-Yi Chen (Taiwan)

A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL will also feature 7 original short films produced by CinemaSlice and friends-of-the-Slice.


  1. Angel Watching Over Me by Even Keel Productions (MI)
  2. Detroit Exploitation by Electro Otto (MI)
  3. La ROI De La MORT by Jeremy Borden (OH)
  4. Doppelganger by Nic White (OH)
  5. I’m here by James Pinson (OH)
  6. CUT by Jeremy Allen (OH)
  7. Splatter Up / ???

These 20 short films will plat at A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL on Oct 13th, 2018. Following the short horror film block will be the world premiere of the docu-thriller, The Monster with 21 Faces by Michael Welborn.

Finally, CinemaSlice has selected the top 5 short horror script submissions.


  1. Fever by Matt Anderson (SC)
  2. Scarf Face by Hyten Davidson (IL)
  3. The Meat House by Lawrence Nelson II
  4. Window Creep by Robert Herzog
  5. Obstacle Corpse by Hope Madden

All award winning selections will be announced on Oct 13th!


As with previously CinemaSlice events, we’re striving to make this an experience like no other– hence the knick-name CSX. We’re officially calling A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL CSX:II. This event will serve as an opportunity to not only showcase short horror films, but also meet & mingle with many CinemaSlice contributors and other filmmakers, actors, composers, and more!

#SliceThePlanet #ShortHorror #SupportIndependentCinema

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