A Slice of Fright – Mini Reel Reviews (Pt 1)

Sup, Slicers?

Mark Kelly here– I wasn’t able to attend the festival in person, so I’ve decided to write mini REEL REVIEWS of each film featured at A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL.

On Saturday the 13th, at The State Theatre in Bay City, MI, CinemaSlice hosted the first ever, A Slice of Fright Film Festival. Dedicated to the mad and macabre side of storytelling, A Slice of Fright Film Festival consisted of films ranging from the truly disturbing to the darkly hilarious. So strap in because we are coming at you with mini Reel Reviews of all the selections that were shown at the Fest.


directed by: Arturo Uspango

A woman (Ashley Daniello) stands in front of her bathroom mirror fretting over her complexion. We soon find out the disturbing places she will go in order to fix her acne problem.

The special effects in this film were amazing. I started cringing and squirming at a certain point during this short and didn’t stop until the very end. Very much a body horror film, but done in a way that is weirdly relatable and darkly humorous.

5 out of 6 reels.

MR. POINTY (Viewers Choice Award Winner)

directed by: Dominic Wieneke

A father (Lando Anderson) is having some problems putting his daughter (Aislyn Curry) to bed. She is seeing something in the closet. Something calling itself Mr. Pointy.

As “boogeymen in the closet” stories go this one is very well written, acted, and directed. While the scares in this film are limited, it does bring up some interesting issues. Issues about the things that we fear and hide in our younger years and have to come to terms with as an adult.

5 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Rusty Pietrzak

Jennifer (Jocelyn Tanis) is running errands when she finds an ad claiming to provide lessons on how to breathe underwater. Sound to good to be true? Jennifer soon finds out.

The central idea of this short is what makes it work. I was instantly intrigued as to what was going to happen to Jennifer from the moment she first saw the advertisement. The ending was satisfying, but also open ended enough to explore this concept further.

4 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Steve Maclaren

A woman goes on a series of dates that end up getting pretty kinky. Unfortunately for the men on these dates, they find that she has a very sinister fetish.

As a basic slasher flick, “Serial Dating” does just fine. It’s realistic in a way that makes the viewer concerned for there own safety, if they ever happened to go on a blind date. Beyond the chilling portrayal of the main character and her actions, however, I don’t feel there is much more to explore. If you like your slashers straight and to the point “Serial Dating” is for you.

3 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Thomas Moore

Jenson (Jenson Moore) is making his way down the hallway to his mothers (Rayn Lain) room at night. She is calling out to him, but she doesn’t seem to sound quite alright.

The simple idea of a child making his way down a dark hallway is really brought to life here. The camera, lighting, and sound work done in this film is phenomenal. I was instantly transported to my own childhood and remembering short walks to the bathroom or kitchen in the dark, thinking things were hiding in the shadows.

6 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Robert Resto

A town is being overrun by the walking dead. Will they make it out alive?

This was a very entertaining movie trailer. I say this because I’m not sure if this was intended to be a short film because it doesn’t come off as one. Taken as a short film, it’s missing a lot of connective tissue that would make the overall experience easier to understand. Taken as a movie trailer, it has tons of potential. The makeup work is great and if it has a creative concept that raises it above being a basic zombie movie, it could be great.

3 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Jeff Vande Zande

A man is talking to someone, or something, chained in a pit in his basement. Someone, or something, that he wants to devour.

Extremely short film here so I won’t say to much to spoil it. The creepy basement setting and very well written opening dialogue are great setups to an ending that is very much unexpected.

4 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Melissa De Leon

A mother (Julie Reyes) lays her baby down for the night and attempts to go to bed herself. She is scared, however. Terrified of an unseen horror that seemingly comes at random.

A creative and interesting look into those who deal with Sleep Paralysis. It can be a very misunderstood event for those that have never experienced this themselves. The film is informative in giving a realistic portrayal of how these people feel, while also being an extremely terrifying experience.

6 out of 6 reels.


directed by: Nic White

You ever get that feeling that you’re being followed? Strange feeling but usually it means nothing. Or does it?

Really neat short that has an old school “Twilight Zone” feel to it. It’s more unsettling than it is scary and that’s what gives the film its distinctive flavor. This basic fear of being followed is a perfect idea for a short form film and “Doppelgänger” does a magnificent job in telling the tale.

5 out of 6 reels.


directed by: CinemaSlice

The world is officially overrun with zombies. That doesn’t mean we can’t coexist. And it definitely doesn’t mean that we won’t stop playing America’s favorite pastime.

Fun, fun, fun. This slapstick zombie comedy was enjoyable throughout. It definitely is not a movie that will make you think, but it’s not intended to be. It doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s what makes it highly entertaining.

4 out of 6 reels.

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