Meet the Slicer: August

August Aguilar is a talented CinemaSlice contributor living in Knoxville, TN. CinemaSlice and August first crossed paths when he and his team submitted the short film, CENTER CITY, for the Indy Film Spotlight series. Since then, August has gone on to produce an episode of the horror anthology series, A SLICE OF FRIGHT, and is now hosting a SUDS & CINEMA event in Knoxville!

August is an incredibly talented filmmaker and aueteur, and we’re thrilled to introduce August, in his own words:

My name is August Aguilar and I am a Writer, Producer, and Filmmaker, currently residing in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was born in Philadelphia but raised mostly in Tennessee, always with a passion and love for filmmaking and the creative arts. In college I studied Mass Communications and Broadcasting, focusing on Radio/TV/Film where I learned a majority of my skills as a filmmaker. It wasn’t until 2016 however, when I really embraced these ideas and decided to start a new path pursuing them. It is then when I created by two companies, Strange Films and El Burrito Blog. 

El Burrito Blog serves as a platform for independent creatives, mainly in the music, art, and film sides of things, but not limited to anything that isn’t creative or interesting. We produce short films, music videos, documentaries, as well as a digital publication where I have published over 300+ articles collaborating with creators from all around the country and outside the U.S.. We try to also host events locally celebrating the arts, and most recently began distributing physical magazines that incorporate these elements as well. Overall, it’s about connecting, showcasing, and collaborating with different creators and helping each other out. 

Strange Films is our film production company that aims to create entertaining and unique films that are heavily influenced by independent cinema, 70’s and 80’s horror, and overall good storytelling. Going back to my roots in Philadelphia, we have an entire film series set and shot in Philly itself, with other films I produce locally in Knoxville. We have competed in numerous film festivals around the country, but all of our films are available online on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Most recently, Strange Films has also created it’s very first comic book, the first of one-shot tales portraying lovable horror stories. 

My overall ambition and goals is to Create and Collaborate with other independents while producing my own work. You can catch me at comic conventions or online on our social media platforms between Strange Films and El Burrito Blog. For more information about what we do, you can also check out our website,


Meet the Slicer: Izaiah

Sup Slicers!?

In case you don’t know Izaiah Hernandez, allow me to introduce him to you!

Izaiah helped CinemaSlice to document/shoot the SUNSHINE DAYDREAM 2018 festival, and plans on doing it again this year! Izaiah has always been self-motivated, eager to collaborate, and easy to work with! And his great work speaks for itself!

Fav. Film(s): 
1. Sherlock Holmes- It’s my #1, because I love deduction & reasoning that comes with the territory of a detective. Crime and mystery has always been a favorite of mine and I also love the slow-mo fight scenes that are incorporated by using a ghost camera

2. Saving Private Ryan- The movie the sparked my love for History and showing how deep the roots go for the brotherhood that is our military. D-Day is the most prolific event, IMO, in world history that forever changed the course of the 2nd great war. I have an ultimate appreciation for the sacrifices made by so many young men and this movie helped re- imagine the horror that is war.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)- The horror movie that started it all. Robert Englund is my favorite horror movie actor that went on to do many installments with the series. But seeing Freddy for the first when I was 7, left an imprint in my mind to this day of what most horror movies today only hope to achieve.

My history with film: From a very young age, I have witnessed my father take pride in how he was able to capture priceless family moments with photography and he inspired me the most. At my old elementary school, I was given the chance to be a camera operator for our weekly ‘News Cast” held on Fridays. It went on for the whole year and forever sparked my love for technology as a whole. I then continued on to middle school where they did the same thing with a weekly show or news cast where i was both a CO and a host. Fast forward a bit and I began to pursue a degree in Communication Arts at Adrian College where I did obtain a Bachelor’s.
My skill set and interests have widened to primarily be the guy “behind the scenes”. I love photography the most, because of what you can capture in any given moment that others may not see, which is great because it just shows how I view the world. Which is through my art. After college, I had the chance to become a wedding videographer for a small business in Michigan Center and have dabbled with freelance and personal projects since then. In 2018, I was then recruited by Nic White of CinemaSlice, to be the videographer of the 1st Annual Sunshine Film & Arts Fest, which is by the far the best experience that I have had with video and I only hope to do this for years to come. As for this years festival, I can’t wait to bring my love for video to the event and evolve my skills to bring a wholesome experience for others to see.

Future goals: I am currently investing in myself to be a streamer and content creator. I love the freedom of using my own ideas without bars and showing off how my mind works. I would love to someday work for a major Network like Comedy Central or even be part of a crew for the next Netflix movie. I am a huge gaming nerd and I want to combine my world and figure out a way to “shake” the streaming industry that is YouTube & Twitch. So many possibilities and it’s impossible to choose a single route for myself, but I will go wherever life takes me.

My top 3 inspirations to date as I mentioned before was in fact my father, mainly for his love of photography. As for a couple more that follow:
1. My Dad
2. Dr. Disrespect- The Doc is a Twitch phenomena and a great top competitor in the online gaming community. His personality or pseudonym is exactly how it sounds…disrespectful. His motto is Violence. Speed. Momentum. And in his own words, the combination of those 3 bring domination. Whenever he goes live, he puts on a show that no one can rival…yet. I recommend to all to look him up on YouTube, if you want to get an idea of what he is like.
3. Logic- World renowned Hip-Hop artist that went beyond my expectations for music. I have listened to everything this man has ever put out and he is a fantastic lyricist, producer, singer, and just overall icon. His music is my drive to achieve something greater and his music was a big part of life going through college.

You always have a place with the ‘Slice, Izaiah! Thank you for all that you do!


Burning Brightly – Bright Burn- Reel Preview

What in the actual hell!? James Gunn is making a wicked super hero film, and I think I’ve fallen in love…

I want to be careful not to over-hype this film for myself too much… but what can I say? It’s the first film I’ve been really excited about in a LONG TIME!

Marvel fan-boys know James Gunn for his world on the insanely successful Hollywood blockbuster, Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Although these Marvel Cinematic Universe contributions are hilarious space-fueled romps and great popcorn movies, to me, James Gunn is held in high regard because of his earlier work. From his work with TROMA in the 90’s, to SLITHER in 2000’s, to THE BELKO EXPERIMENT  in 2010’s — I’ve been a fan of his work before I ever realized it was the same filmmaker putting these schlocky, gorey, amazing cinematic experiences together for my twisted amusement!

Sidebar, Tomeo & Juliet (1996) both scarred me and opened my eyes to truly independent cinema as a 13-year old (wanna be) filmmaker. If you have never watched this film, go to TROMA NOW and stream this Tromasterpiece!

The official BRIGHTBURN website describes the film’s synopsis as follows:

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.


The fact that a writter who’s seen so much big-budget success can return to their roots and dabble in horror stories (as never before expressed on screen), is amazing! It reminds me of other filmmakers who have started in horror, and went on to make huge block-buster films (Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, etc).

I’ll be a at the theatre on opening night for this one… do the same!


Suds – Bay City

CinemaSlice is transforming The Curve in Bay City, MI into a mini theater to showcase the independent film, BLOOD ON THE LENS!

We’re using the SUDS & CINEMA moniker to advance the idea to include a special screening of a CinemaSlice film, BLOOD ON THE LENS! It’s the same great formula: Beer, indy film, and good times! BUT, we’re showing a short film and a behind the scenes featurette!

More info at!

Pre-Order T-Shirts – BLOOD ON THE LENS

CinemaSlice is ready to produce T-shirts to support the satirical short horror film, Blood on the Lens– but we need your help!

Limited edition Blood on the Lens T-Shirts are available for pre-order only! Place your order at, or Direct Message CinemaSlice.

These epic shirts commemorate the film by showcasing the official film poster (designed by Ken Leinaar)– equipped with film credits!


And the Winner is….

CinemaSlice is thrilled to announce the official award winners from the first ever SUDS & CINEMA event!

Fist and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a film! I feel that we were extremely lucky to have received film submissions by so many talented filmmakers! In fact, if we could, we would have shown some additional films that we just didn’t have time to show a

Nearly as important, THANK YOU to everyone who attended this FREE event! As a filmmaker, and creator of art, I truly appreciate how important it is for other people to see your work– and I respect the experience of watching a short film that you’re involved with creating, along with a room full of strangers, and receiving the live feedback-loop that is an audience’s response! There’s no rush quite like it.

CinemaSlice also owes a huge THANK YOU to the Festival host and Festival Jury members who helped pull everything together! Without your hard-work we would not have been able to put together such an awesome festival!

Finally, THANK YOU to HOP YARD 62 for allowing us to showcase these quality short films inside of your establishment.

Without further ado, here are your festival winners:







If you weren’t able to make it out to the event, head over to FESTIVAULT to stream all short films from this event FOR FREE!!!

Stay tuned to for more SUDS & Cinema events around the corner!


Suds & Cinema – TX and TN!

CinemaSlice is producing two new film festivals over the next few months!

After the success of our first ever SUDS & CINEMA Film Festival at Hop Yard 62 in Grove City, OH — CinemaSlice if proud to present: SUDS & CINEMA – Memphis, and SUDS & Cinema – Arlington! A HUGE shout out to the Slicers (Nick Hess and John Sklba) in those areas that are directing these festivals in their respected cities!!

We’re thrilled to be partnering with awesome local breweries to showcase independent short films– both regionally, and nationally!

If you’re interested in submitting a short film (less than 15 mins) or a Microfilm (less than 2 mins) iollow the submission links below!



LEGAL DRAFT BEER CO in Arlington, TX will be hosting our multi-genre film festival on June 1st, 2019.

Wiseacre Brewing Company in Memphis, TN will be hosting our multi-genre film festival on May 18th, 2019.

Each iteration of SUDS & Cinema will hold the core independent film fueled values of CinemaSlice. Each individual iteration of SUDS & CINEMA will focal on LOCAL films in that area first and foremost– and will include national film submissions as well.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the regions that we’ve selected for oour May and June SUDS & CINEMA events– and you love independent films and craft beer, COME ON OUT TO SUPPORT INDEPENDENT CINEMA!


SUDS & CINEMA – Official Selections

The jury has spoken! Our goal was to select the best films across a variety of genres that fit into the theme and vibe of Suds & Cinema: good production quality, entertaining/exciting, and fun to watch.

…Before we get into it, we should all take a moment to thank our festival jury: Jeremy Borden, Mike Neider, and Jeremy Allen for taking the time to view, rate, review, and curate the official film selections for the first ever Suds & Cinema film festival!

And this was no simple task– As we received so many great film submissions! Some film submissions were technically fantastic, but were not selected simply based on the fact they may not fit into this particular event program. Which is to say– I WISH WE WERE ABLE TO SHOWCASE EVERY SUBMISSION WE RECEIVED!

But I digress.
The list below is of all of the awesome official film selections of Suds & Cinema on March 9th, 2019.F

  • Static – Horror – Wayneville, OH
  • Not From Around Here – Thriller – Jake Barry – Grove City, OH
  • Fear, Itself –Thriller – Alex Caperton – Columbus, OH
  • The Chair – Comedy – Zebulon Griffin – Hilliard, OH
  • Clown vs Corn 4 Gold Malt Liquor – MCR Electric Otto – Detroit, MI
  • The Pizza Guy – Comedy/Thriller – Naim David – Columbus, OH
  • The…ال… Horror – Diaa Bahaa – Egypt
  • Subject – Sci Fi August Aguilar – Knoxville, TN
  • Alive – Horror – Naim David – Columbus, OH
  • Strike It – Action/Heist – Tom Dallis – Dayton, OH
  • Haunted House – Ghost/Comedy – Michael DeSanto – Toledo, OH
  • CUT – Horror/Thriller – Jeremy Allen – Grove City, OH
  • Whiskey Chips – Comedy – Columbus, OH
  • Golden Dong – Kung Fu Comedy – Mike Neider – Columbus, OH
  • READ A BOOK – Horror – Michael Welborn – Bay City, MI
  • Blood on the Lens – Horror/Comedy Nic White – Columbus, OH
  • Retribution – Action – Jeremy Borden, London, OH
  • Be sure to arrive at the Suds & Cinema event EARLY, as this is a FREE event, and seating space is LIMITED.


SUDS & CINEMA – Submissions are Closed


As with every new venture, CinemaSlice approached this event with vigor and excitement– but also with caution and healthy hesitation. There were two critical elements that issues that helped to propel us head-first as we began to organize this event: an awesome venue and a great festival jury.

The first step was to find a brewery that could accommodate a film event. After exploring many options, we landed with HopYard 62 in Grove City, OH. The venue is small and intimate, the brewery has 21 taps, and the owner of the brewpub is welcoming and accommodating!

A close #2 (hehe number two) is our festival jury. Made up of 3 enthusiastic Ohio Filmmakers, Mike, Jeremy, and Jeremy 2 watched and reviewed each film submission as they rolled in over the last 3 months–We held multiple meetings to discuss highlights and exchange notes, and ultimately select our festival programing.

With a great location and jury in-place, CinemaSlice simply deferred to the filmmakers of the world to submit their art for us to display at our gallery! We received so many great films! Seriously, narrowing our selections down to fill only an hour and a half of programing is CHALLENGING!

As we finalize the last minute details, we want to invite all of the Slicers and appreciators of independent cinema to come out to the first ever SUDS & CINEMA Film Festival event.

Sat, MARCH 9th, 2019 • 8-10pm
At HopYard 62 – 4057 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123

Suds & Cinema – Late Pass?

ATTENTION FILMMAKERS– CinemaSlice has extended the final late film submission date until February 11th, 2019!

Before getting to far ahead of myself, what is Suds & Cinema? Well, thanks for asking! SUDS & CINEMA is a celebration of independent film and craft beer. The idea is simple: CinemaSlice will curate and present the best film submissions — short films (less than 15 mins) and Microfilms (less than 1 min)– on Saturday, March 9th, 2019, at HopYard 62 (a tap room in Grove City, OH).

This film presentation will be chalked full of awesome independent films from the Mid-Ohio region and beyond– and the 21 taps will be flowing with tasty craft beers all night long!

SUDS & CINEMA FILM FESTIVAL is a FREE event that will feature over 13 accepted film submissions, as well as an award ceremony to immediately follow the event. We’ll be awarding select films with trophies, CinemaSlice swag, gift cards, certificates of authenticity, and MORE!

If you are a filmmaker, and into having a good time, consider submitting your films at