Behind the Slice: Music Mixtape Vol.36

Sup Slicers!?
If you’ve not yet heard The Music Mixtape Vol. 36, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

I for one am thrilled with how this project came together! We have prepared 20 awesome songs from 19 independent bands from a variety of different genres. I truly believe there’s a track for everyone on this compilation album! STILL HAVEN’T LISTENED YET!? (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

CinemaSlice is constantly working with independent musicians to collaborate on original soundtrack music– The idea for this particular project first came together in September of 2017, as a way to ‘give back’ to some of my favorite bands.

Shortly after reaching out to the first band I started working with new ‘Slicer, Nathan Smith. Nathan, musician and owner of Void Walker Entertainment, agreed to collaborate on this project– namely by reaching out to artists I may not have a relationship with, and by conceptualizing the cover art.

Over the course of the next 2 months Nathan secured music from 6 great artists, and designed an awesome concept for cover art. I reached out to the regulars (previous contributors and long time friends of the Slice (Savior Machines, AVZTN, VHS OST), as well as reaching out to some new artists that I’m simply a fan of (V-Sinizter, DamneDNatioN, Randy Badour, Alphabetics).

We also reached out to long time collaborator, Ken Leniaar, to create the cover art, based on Nathans design. The final artwork and color turned out AMAZING! From there, I wrote a script and had Tom Hardy (Contributor and long time homie) record the narration of our host, DEATH MANTIS DAN!

Now that the animation is finished, and we’ve selected the PERFECT playlist for these funky jams, it’s time to release this project into your ears!!

The best part of a project is the end.

When you’ve complete a piece of art, and you release it into the world for others to enjoy, it’s a great feeling! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the MUSIC MIXTAPE VOL. 36!

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