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A Bump in the Night Film Fest 2017 Review

Transmission Error;

As I sit in the grass and look around me I see people and the comforts of community strewn throughout the lawn chairs that sit side by side, eager to watch the externalized dreams of a collection of artists in cinema, sound, and event production.

The screen is blank,
But the machine starts,
And with an eruption from the crowd.

Transmission Begins:
“Terminal B”
by Cinema Slice

An Intergalactic Serial Killer space /explorer who lures in victims with distress signals. The song galaxy Gary was just as good as the film. The audience gives way to a much deserved applause.

Transmission Paused:

Transmission Continues:

“Under the bed”
by Even Keel Productions.

The old one two switcheroo! This short is tricky,
And glorious. Its about a boy who simply wants the monsters out from under his bed…or does he? Dun dun dun!

Transmission Continues:

“Eight years ago in February”
by Dark Haus Sound & Film
It’s safe to say that things go bump in the night during this festival, things that scare the shit out of you, and In the true nature of synchronicity the sun has fully set and the crickets play as we wallow in our fears that have been produced by the last film.

Transmission Malfunction.

Transmission Continues:
“A Killer Shade: The Ronnie Blu Obsession”
by Even Keel Production

Obsession is fatal, and this film drags out that truth. But what is not fatal is an obsession of art, and this film is well produced, well acted, and shows the attention to the craft of cinema arts.

Transmission Continues:
“Midland Street Wicked”
By Even Keel

Satan wears glasses, a cape, and a leather jacket in this film, a sequel to Ronnie Blu. A women eats a human heart, and you find yourself wrapped in to the seance of strange witches wearing sunglasses, gathering souls. Moral of the story, be nice to teenage witches, or else.

The Night went bump,
And the weather was perfect,
The venue was nice,
It’s a wonderful feeling to sit in your hometown and watch a congregation of film locally produced, on the lawn, with wonderful people.

I had a wonderful time,
And I recommend this film event to anyone who gets a chance to witness it, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Tuned. Stay Wild.

– Quest The Catalyst

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Bay City, Mi native, Eclectic expressionist. Jack of all arts. Crowded Couch Collective