Expected NonSense – “Gerald’s Game”

Hey gang, Pete here again to give you my thoughts on the Netflix original Gerald’s Game.

Anyone who knows me is quite aware of my fondness for Stephen King and his works. He his hands down my favorite author. Love him or hate him, one cannot deny his impact on the horror genre both in the literary world and on the silver screen as being substantial. His stories about just any subject on Earth are descriptive, engaging and usually more than relevant.

So it stands to reason that Hollywood would want to capitalize on King’s success.  Many of his works have be translated to the big screen. From The Shining to Carrie to the many television miniseries including Salem’s Lot and the adaptation of my favorite novel of all time, The Stand, there are volumes of King’s works filmed for the unconstant reader. Continue reading “Expected NonSense – “Gerald’s Game””

Expected NonSense – Hereditary

Howdy gang. Once again, Pete Floyd here delivering the straight poop on yet another film that is generating buzz: Hereditary

In a sea of blockbuster sequels, comic book movies and reboots, this unconventional horror film is a throwback to the scary movies of yesteryear. I’m reminded of films like The Shining that work not with cheap scares or over the top effects to terrify you, but instead rely on psychological terror to get the heart beating.

The cinematography is top notch.

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Expected NonSense – “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Howdy gang. Your friendly neighborhood Momo Pete Floyd here delivering my review of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Folks, if you are not up to date on Star Wars in any fashion and for some reason you are going to start your journey to that Galaxy far, far away with this movie, you might not want to ever journey back.

Now I know some purists may not agree with my appraisal, and that’s ok. However, even the most die hard fans will agree, what the film could have been was SO much more than it actually was.

First is the fact that this is essentially two movies. Switching directors mid-stream is never a good thing. It was pointed out to me that knowing this I may have carried that resentment into the theater with me.


However the film just seemed… Scattered. Like my thoughts about it.

There’s definitely a desire to know more about our favorite characters from the beloved franchise. But is it really necessary? The mystery and allure of Han Solo is a big part of the original film. And it carries into the rest of the series. So by detailing his past, I feel as though part of the magic is taken away. Continue reading “Expected NonSense – “Solo: A Star Wars Story””

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… You Don’t Know What You’re Missing…

Hey gang, Pete Floyd here again, reminding you that I know movies, and I know if you haven’t seen this one, you’re a Momo.

This week, I’m reviewing an oldie but goodie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

From 2005, this overlooked delight was brilliantly written and directed by Shane Black, writer of Lethal Weapon, The Last Boyscout, Iron Man Three and the upcoming sequel, The Predator.

Staring the wonderfully neurotic Robert Downey Jr. and surprisingly comedic Val Killer in another of my favorite silly L.A. tales of mistaken identity, almost immediately the brilliance begins to shine right from the get-go. You wouldn’t think the pairing of these two would pay off, but oh boy, it does. Continue reading “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… You Don’t Know What You’re Missing…”

Expected NonSense – “Jurassic Park” – At 25

Hey there gang. Pete here with you as always letting you in on my mental ramblings about cinema. This time around, I’m filling you in on Jurassic Park… 25 years later.

I can remember being filled with anticipation, excitement and to be honest, a little anxiety waiting in line to see Jurassic Park at the age of 12. I went with my mom, who of course insisted that we get there an hour early, at noon on a Friday, so we could be first in line. We were. But there weren’t a whole lot of people there. That’s what gave me the anxiety. Did people know something I didn’t? Was it a horrible movie and I just didn’t get the memo?

My short attention span disregard the thought as soon as the lights dimmed. I was now seeing a movie about dinosaurs. DINOSAURS!!! Holy cow!

As with most of Spielberg’s work, the big reveal isn’t immediate. He takes time crafting the characters. Providing background. And most importantly, building anticipation. We all saw the previews. We knew what to expect.

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Expected NonSense – “Deadpool 2”

Howdy folks, your friendly neighborhood momo Pete Floyd with you as always. Up this time around, I’m giving you the skinny on Deadpool 2.

Well gang, it’s pretty rare that a sequel can out do the original.

In fact, it’s so rare that it hardly ever happens. At least follow-ups anyway. Occasionally further into a series, a sequel can compare favorably to the original. However, that’s often not the case.

Not here folks. Deadpool 2, dare I say, is better than the original. The humor, over-the-top gore and all around silliness that made the first film so much fun is back, but without the downfall of repetition.

Obviously not one for the kids, Deadpool 2 is at your throat constantly with foul language, violence and a silly plot. All of which you’ve come to expect from this franchise. And of course the hammy acting you expect to come across in a comic book movie. All things that are easily forgivable.

I’ll be the first to admit that when Reynolds was cast in the role again after the disaster that was X-MEN Origins: Wolverine, I was upset. Physically. But the first film was a fitting adaptation no matter what anyone says. And so I got over it quickly.

Most of the original cast returns, which is worth noting because they play their parts well. However, Marvel has a new golden boy: Josh Brolin.

His portrayl of Thanos in Infinity War was above criticism. And here, in an awesome bit of casting, he brings to life Cable.

If you don’t know who Cable is, go and do your homework folks. It’s worth looking into.

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Expected NonSense – “Ready Player One”

Hey gang!

O.G. Momo Pete Floyd here, and this week I’m going to give you my appraisal of Stevie Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

Going back to theaters and seeing movies the way they were meant to be seen is a true joy. It’s been a while. And this film is why we go!

A somewhat faithful adaption of Ernest Cline‘s novel of the same name, Ready Player One is a great popcorn movie if you will.

The movie takes place 20+ years from now where overpopulation and societal decline has left people seeking to escape reality in a total immersion VR world called the Oasis. Continue reading “Expected NonSense – “Ready Player One””

Expected NonSense – “A Quiet Place”

Howdy folks, with you again is your friendly neighborhood Momo, Pete Floyd. This time around, I’m giving you the heads-up on John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place.

Hand’s down, one of the best filmed horror flicks in recent memory, AQP stands out in the genre for a multitude of reasons.

  1. For starters: The plot.
    While untold events bringing about global destruction isn’t a new concept, it’s delivered beautifully in a cold open starting 89 days into the untold event. Careful placement of clues, not overly deliberate, give perspective that most movie goers believe they require to understand or enjoy a film. Here you don’t. You’re immediately immersed in this world without any concern as to what the hell happened. From the start you’re tense, wondering what horrors lurk around each corner.
  2. Second, in a not too distant future where even whispers bring about creatures that mean to end you, silence is golden. As it is for the movie goers as well. The lack of dialogue demands your attention to the screen. You’re not tempted to pull out the phone or lean in and talk to whoever you’re with for fear of missing something. The film is shot beautifully with special attention taken in combing through the characters newly emptied world which they still mean to make comfortable regardless of what evil lies waiting in the wings.
  3. Third, and I think most important, is the top notch performances of Krasinski and real-life spouse Emily Blount. Their delivery of the character’s struggle in adapting to the alternative existence they’ve been forced to endure is where the social underpinnings are clearly evident.

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ExpectedNonsense: ‘The Big Lebowski’ 20 Year Anniversary

The Big Lebowski: Twenty Years Of Abiding

Hey gang, Pete here with you! As always annoying you with more jibberish about cinema.

Today I’d LOVE to review for you one of my favorite movies. Anyone who’s anyone over the last 20 years has stumbled across, been directed to, or somehow been led to the Coen brothers cult classic and masterpiece, The Big Lebowski. Rich in off-beat humor, stylistic vision and editing, the film is a throwback in sentence two films of yesteryear.

Influenced by Chandler novels in stories from people of the Hollywood set in the Coen Brothers Circle, the film is hard to put into words when trying to describe it to the first time viewer. Rich in sarcasm and heavy on silliness, The Big Lebowski has always and will always be one of my favorite films and most definitely my favorite comedy.

It was initially overlooked by critics and panned to a small degree. But somehow the little film that could took off. It has become one of the most successful cult films of all time. Inspiring traveling film festivals that feature costume contests, garden parties and of course bowling, this movie is more than just some underground gem… It’s an experience. To some, a way of life.

Colleges offer Dudeist courses. You can become an ordained Dudeist minister.

I’m a Dudiest minister and can marry people in I believe 46 states. I charge a nominal fee.

But let’s get to it. This film is about mistaken identity from the jump. We all know the character of the dude. He’s an easy going really-do-nothing type of fella. The kind of guy who’s unaware that the sixties are over. He’s of the Mind that the world should just be Live and Let Live. But as he finds out in the opening moments of the film, the world is hardly that.

That rug really pulls the room together.

That rug of his, you know the one, it really tied the room together, becomes his motivating factor in his journey of silliness through L.A. accompanied by such characters as Walter, the militant Jew, in Donnie Who Loved bowling, The Dude embarks upon a quest of, I wouldn’t say enlightenment, but rather random unchecked aggression to seek compensation for his soiled rug. Along the way he becomes drawn into a kidnapping plot of sorts, runs afoul of Da Jesus and incurrs the wrath of nihilists.

Confused yet? You will be. This film takes a few viewings to put together the pieces. I’m still trying twenty years out. It’s rich in visual beauty and character. Jeff Bridges was brilliantly cast as Jeff Lebowski. John Goodman, he hits the grandslam with his portrayal of Walter Sobcheck. Even Steve Buschemi is the right amount of reserved as Donnie. The supporting cast, featuring Phillip Seymour Hoffman, John Turturro, Julianne Moore and even the incomparable Flea shine as the eclectic Los Angeles who wander into The Dude’s life raining havoc upon his nomadic existence.

So much of the film seemingly makes no sense. But if you’re clever enough, you’ll find that it’s outlandish story is so unbelievably relatable that the bulk of it has to be true. Twenty years later, I still chuckle at the thought of being immersed in the story of a man questing to get compensated for his rug that was peed on.

If you haven’t seen this gem, you truly haven’t lived.

This film gets six reels folks. I’m not gonna tell you how it ends, because The Dude doesn’t want me to… He has no idea how it does himself. So kick back, pour yourself a White Russian, grab some Thai stick, and follow the Dude to, well, I don’t really know.

Expected Nonsense – Bright

Bright? More like Dim…

Howdy folks, welcome to my very first review.

This time around, I decided to let you good people in on my thoughts about the Netflix original film “Bright“. The film is a mix of crime, drama, fantasy and action. Directed by David Ayer and starring Will “I’ve made a bad choice being in this movie” Smith and Joel “hopefully my career doesn’t take a hit” Edgerton.

The movie is a mess, unworthy of the talent assembled to create it.

It takes place in present day Los Angeles where humans live along side mythical creatures such as elves, dwarfs and orcs. Apparently in the past there was some epic battle requiring the races to unite in order to defeat The Dark Lord. Now there exists an uneasy truce among the different races and Smith‘s Ward character is paired with first Orc police officer from the country, Edgerton’s Jakoby. Continue reading “Expected Nonsense – Bright”