A Slice of Fright – Early Bird Deadline

A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL invites you to submit your short horror films and scripts to FilmFreeway.com/SliceFest

Submit your film before 9/1/2018 to take advantage of the Early Bird Submission discount

The jury members from A Slice of Fright Film Festival invite you to submit your short films and scripts.

Submit your short horror film or script at FilmFreeway.com/SliceFest

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RiverScene 2018

The weather will sometimes trick you into thinking the day will remain grey, but just then the sun comes out to play. It wasn’t any different at RiverScene June 1-3 Featuring over 60+ bands, local art, eats, and brews in 2018 at Wenonah park in Bay City, Mi.

The inspiration that is conjured at events in the area is IMPERATIVE to the growth of the scene. I attended as a fam, an artist, journalist, and a contributor.
Why? Showing up for the scene is number one, and contributing is number 2, together they create a natural flow of networking and relativity. People support such events for the opportunities to experience their local culture, with one another, in the open air.

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A Slice of Fright – Film Fest – Announcement

Sup Slicers!?

CinemaSlice is holding our first official film festival! And submission are open NOW!!

A Slice of Fright Film Fest is a showcase of short horror films– developed to support independent cinema!

A Slice of Fright is a horror anthology series produced by CinemaSlice We are scouring US to find the creepiest, most twisted and terrifying short films that are out there!

We’re selecting the best of the best and awarding laurels for select films and screenplays in a variety of categories. The top four entries will play at the Slice of Fright Film Festival on Oct 13, 2018 in Bay City, MI. One lucky film will be featured in our short horror anthology series, A Slice of Fright! Even better, the #1 Screenplay will be produced as a new episode for A Slice of Fright!

Stay tuned as more information is released!

Do you have a short horror film? CLICK TO SUBMIT YOUR FILM NOW!

CinemaSlice in Tromaville!

Troma has officially selected the CinemaSlice film Terminal B as an official selection at TromaDance Detroit 2018!

Freaks and Geeks from the metro Detroit area and beyond will gather to worship world-class slime cinema at it’s finest!

If you are in the Detroit area on Sat, June 16th, swing out to Ant Hall  for this awesome FREE one-of-a-kind film festival!

Sunshine Daydream Festival

Enjoy the Sunshine and Daydreams!

CinemaSlice is honored to sponsor this amazing festival of creativity, collaboration, live music and art installations. Just to have the CinemaSlice name listed beside so many talented, creative people is truly humbling!

There’s no doubt that this event will be a the sort of thing you DO NOT want to miss!

Crowded Couch presents: Sunshine Daydream, a music and arts canopy in Omer, MI on July 7th 2pm-July 8th 6pm. This secluded location is PERFECT for an outdoor summer festival of music, art, and good vibes!

Taking full advantage of the lush 21 acres of land along the Rifle RiverSunshine Daydream will feature:

  • 2 Stages for Live Music
  • Live painting
  • Colobarative painting for the whole fest
  • Food vendors
  • Giant bubbles
  • Fire Dancers
  • Make and take art station
  • Walk-through art labrynth
  • Mama bears cub care (daycare)
  • And MORE!

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Indy Cinema Sunday – Review

Sunday, Feb 25th, Cinemaslice.com presented its first independent movie event at the State Theatre in Bay City, MI. “Buy. Sell. Trade.”, “Hell to Pay”, and “DARKLING” were on the bill.

It was a great chance to watch these locally made films in the bona fide theatrical venue that they deserve.

With genres spanning from comedy to psychological thriller, there was a little bit of everything for everyone.

The afternoon started off with an homage to Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” with the film “Buy. Sell. Trade.” directed by Brandon Guiles and Cory Hearns.

This slice of life comedy tells of Carl, a young video game business owner, who finds out he has until the end of the day to come up with 5000 dollars to pay of loans or he will be forced to close. With the help(?) of his coworkers, family, and friends, will he be able to save his dream.

I feel that the heart of this film lies in the hilarious interactions between Carl and his coworker/best friend, Jeff. These two come off as very genuine and I was invested in what was going to happen to them up to the very end. I feel that maybe a bit more of a deeper dive into Carl and, in particular, Jeff’s history with the store could have explained a bit better why they were so passionate about their job. This is a minor grip, however, considering that Carls drive to want to succeed is evident through the interactions with his family.

Overall very enjoyable movie. 5 out of 6 reels.

After a short intermission, a short film by Nic White was shown.

Hell to Pay” is a horror/comedy about a man who appears to have sold his soul to the devil, with hilarious results. It was a nice transition from the more comedic “Buy. Sell. Trade.” to the more disturbing “DARKLING”, which was to follow.

Short and sweet. 5 out of 6 reels.

DARKLING”, directed by Michael Welborn, is a psychological thriller about a man whose life slowly spirals out of control when a traumatic event happens, an event that he feels he could have prevented.

The sound design in this film is phenomenal. Everything from the songs to the sound effects have the feeling that they were really chosen and crafted with great care.

It’s John Carpenters “Halloween” good.

The other elements of the movie, such as the acting and directing, are also really solid throughout. There are scenes in the first 2/3rds of the movie that will have you questioning if you’re actually watching a local, low budget film. The only criticism I have is a scene change near the end of the film, introducing two detectives, that is a bit jarring and threw off the pacing of the film for me.

Very well crafted and frightening. 6 out of 6 reels.

I am an avid moviegoer. I usually see at least two films a week at the theater and it’s really great to see these events put on where smaller, lower budget, independent films get a chance to be shown on the big screen. Don’t get me wrong I love watching a movie at my house. In fact my first viewing of “DARKLING” was on an iPad on my couch, but watching it at The State Theatre for me was a vastly different experience altogether.

The event was enjoyable and I look forward to more in the future.

I give the first ever CinemaSlice Convention (CSX) a 6 out of 6 reels)

CSX – Announcement

This SUNDAY (2/25/2018) we’re releasing DARKLING on the big screen in Bay City, MI, and we’re considering this the inaugural event for our CSX series!

CSX (CinemaSlice Convention) is a convening of Slicers— a gathering of collaborators and fans of CinemaSlice— to celebrate the artistic efforts of which we dedicate our lives.

Join us on February 25th, 2018 at the State Theatre in Bay City Michigan for CSX:I, the first ever CinemaSlice Convention!

Check out the MLive.com article about the DARKLING Theatrical release at the link below:


Interested in attending the ever CSX?? Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the door or online here.

Theatrical Release: DARKLING

CinemaSlice.com is proud to present another first for us: the theatrical release of an original film!

  • What: Theatrical Premiere of the psychological thriller, DARKLING by Michael Welborn
  • When: Sunday, Feb 25th, 2018
  • Where: State Theatre in Bay City, MI
  • Why: To bring independent film fans and supporters together to celebrate the first feature-length film by CinemaSlice

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Bump in the Night – Short Film Fest 2017

Happy Halloween! Devils Night brought the return of Bay City’s Bump in the Night Short Film Fest and with it six scary tales shown at Bemo’s Bar for those brave enough to attend. Here are my thoughts on each of the films.

Killer Shades Saga

The first three shorts shown was a trilogy of sorts. They are connected by a mysterious woman that arrives at various times throughout the three films with a pair a sunglasses that seem to have strange powers.

The Ronnie Blu Obsession

First up in the trilogy was The Ronnie Blu Obsession. This was about the story of a guy whose love for an actress named Veronica Blu leads him down a dark path when he is visited by strange woman. The man receives a pair of sunglasses when he confesses to her that he would do anything for Veronica Blu’s love, even sell his soul.
Out of all of the Killer Shades Saga shorts, this film utilizes the idea of the mysterious sunglasses the best. It added the creepy supernatural element that carried the plot to the end and it kept me interested to see what would happen.

It was the least scary of the trilogy, however, so I’m giving it 3 out of 6 reels.

Midland Street Wicked

People are being found dead on Midland St. and when a group of women get together to have some drinks we find that one of them may have a connection to the sunglasses that were lost years earlier. A connection that shows that the sunglasses evil power has grown.
I thought this short was great. Good build up to the end and some great special effects for a locally made movie.

I give this 5 out of 6 reels.


A conversation between a mother and her daughter about starting a new chapter in their live goes awry when the dreaded sunglasses once again make an appearance.
It’s really short at only about 5 minutes but I’m a sucker for creepy, evil looking children.

4 out of 6 reels.

8 Years Ago In February

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HHM 2017 – Day 3

Documentary Day

Stigmatic: Our Opioid Crisis

In Bay City and Saginaw the number of people addicted to opioids has raised to a point where it is now affecting not just the individual but also their family members and the community in which they live. In Stigmatic we look at the details of this problem through interviews with recovering addicts, affected family/community members, and city officials as they discus how we can come together and solve this problem.
This film was great for a number of reasons but I think the most important is that they look at all sides of this issue. I happen to think that people make mistakes and, depending on the severity of these mistakes, people deserve chances to be able to fix the mistakes made. We also see the other side and look at the logistics of providing rehab programs, if they are financially feasible and whether or not they are truly affective. Looking at the multiple sides of this complex issue is what makes this documentary a great bit of filmmaking.


For Flint

This documentary follows the lives of an artist, an educator, and a reformed drug dealer living in the infamous Flint, MI.
This was by no means a bad documentary. I enjoyed it but also thought it could have been so much more. We connect with each of the characters by observing their day to day activities and how they cope in a city with a high crime rate and ongoing water crisis. This is where the film excels. I guess I was hoping for a little more information about the actual problems that affect the city. Continue reading “HHM 2017 – Day 3”