No Return Sneak Peek

Awhile back I was fortunate enough to see a sneak peek screening of the upcoming dramatic thriller No Return. Directed by Nic White, No Return follows the dark descent of family man Stanley Poe (Paul Stelzer). Despite his seemingly pleasant demeanor, Stanley’s ill advised decisions lead him down an increasingly disturbing path. Today I’ll be sharing my non spoiler thoughts on the film and what you’ll be able to expect when seeing No Return this coming October (2020).

One of the things I loved about No Return was the buildup of tension within Stanley’s character. A tense, disturbing, dramatic thriller should be similar to a car crash that you can’t look away from. No Return nails this perfectly. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Stanley I would be hit with another powerful scene. Every moment was tense, disturbing, and technically well done. Along with Stanley, Elizabeth (Amber Reno) also did an amazing job and was a standout in the film.

In the conclusion of No Return some of the character’s choices ended up being slightly questionable for me. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as good dramatic thrillers should leave the audience wondering what they would do in that situation. I imagine it will be exciting to hear people’s reactions to the film as I can confirm that the last moments of No Return pack a punch.

Overall, I really enjoyed No Return. It’s a hell of a film that really showcases a new direction that filmmaker Nic White wanted to explore. It’s definitely a departure from the dark comedic elements that were a large part of his earlier films. This is a fantastic entry into exploring a different genre and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s next.

No Return

CinemaSlice presents No Return, a Dramatic film by Nic White.

No Return tells the story of a man failing to managing his life as it spirals out of control. This official website will serve as a blog as we ramp up to produce No Return in Columbus, Ohio in March of 2020.

1/12/20 – We’ve received so many amazing auditions! I wish we could cast them all!!! Now’s the time to dig in and review all auditions to find the right actor for each role. Official casting announcements will be made on 1/19/20!

1/5/20 – We’re currently casting for the following roles:


  • Helena – 40 yr old woman
  • Stanley – 40 yr old man
  • Randy – 20 yr old man
  • Elizabeth – 20 yr old woman
  • Jacob – 7-9 yr old boy
  • Aubrey – 6-9 yr old girl
  • Roger – Friendly cat
We’re officially past the point of NO RETURN!

1/1/20 – The first draft of NO RETURN is complete!
Let’s begin casting!


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A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FEST – Submissions end 9/21 at MIDNIGHT!

That’s right, Slicers! Friday Sept 21st is the FINAL DAY to submit your short horror script or film to the inaugural CinemaSlice film festival, A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL!

We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the talented filmmakers who submitted their art for consideration! We were literally overwhelmed with the amount of submissions we received for this event– and we CAN’T WAIT to announce our official selections next week.

A great short horror film begins with a great script. Add a creepy concept, some blood & guts, and a terrifying twist– and you have A SLICE OF FRIGHT!

A SLICE OF FRIGHT is CinemaSlice’s horror anthology series (think Tales from the Crypt or Black Mirror, but in short film format). A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL is an attempt to showcase talented filmmakers doing exactly what we’re doing– all around the world. The idea is to support independent cinema by curating content that make us cringe with joy.

We’re working with Slicers in OH, MI, TN, PA, and TX to select the 13 best film submissions to highlight on the big screen– And the most outstanding films and scripts will be awarded with laurels and custom trophies! In addition to these awards, we’re also offering the coveted Slicer Awards, and Audience Choice awards for those in attendance.

If you submitted a film, give your name at the door for a free admission ticket to the event!
In closing– If you can make it to Bay City, MI for the festival, DO IT. Bring your current out-of-state Driver’s License to get in for free!


1 Year in the Books!

On Aug 1st, 2017 we committed to releasing a minimum of 6 pieces of content per week for a year.

One year later (Aug 1st, 2018) and we’re proud to announce that we annihilated  our goal!

For 12 months straight we’ve consistently released 6-12 films, videos, articles, graphics, posters, music compilations, and promos per week. That’s over 500 releases within the last 12 months–WOAH! 

Just think of the vast ocean of creativity and the countless HOURS of labor that went into constantly creating entertaining content for the Slicers who regularly enjoy!

Before going any further, I need to take a moment to THANK everyone who has contributed content over the last 12 months:

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Rage Against the ‘Indy’ Machine

What makes us “Independent” cinema? What is so “Indy” about us?

That’s the question I hope to not answer in this article. Instead, I’d like to rage against the machine. The real question is “WHY are we labeled as “Independent” cinema?” “WHY CALL US INDY?

What does it even mean to be INDY? The Machine says, “My definition of independent: without any sort of financial backing.”

Do we need to constantly remind the audience that we aren’t being given money by a movie studio?

Everyone likes an underdog story, but only when the underdog comes out on top.

Either the underdog succeeds and earns respect thus shaking off the underdog label or they fail and remain an underdog. They don’t then go around bragging about being the underdog.

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A Slice of Fright – Film Fest – Announcement

Sup Slicers!?

CinemaSlice is holding our first official film festival! And submission are open NOW!!

A Slice of Fright Film Fest is a showcase of short horror films– developed to support independent cinema!

A Slice of Fright is a horror anthology series produced by CinemaSlice We are scouring US to find the creepiest, most twisted and terrifying short films that are out there!

We’re selecting the best of the best and awarding laurels for select films and screenplays in a variety of categories. The top four entries will play at the Slice of Fright Film Festival on Oct 13, 2018 in Bay City, MI. One lucky film will be featured in our short horror anthology series, A Slice of Fright! Even better, the #1 Screenplay will be produced as a new episode for A Slice of Fright!

Stay tuned as more information is released!

Do you have a short horror film? CLICK TO SUBMIT YOUR FILM NOW!

SliceCast Ep#3 – August Aguilar and The Farsighted Network present… the third episode of the new and improved SLICECAST

Philly pride all up in this jawn this week, y’all. Philly native August Aguilar may live in Knoxville, but he still loves his home in the Northeast. In fact, it’s one of his favorite places in the world to visit… and to make films. This week, he talks to Justin about film, Philly, music, and his website EL BURRITO BLOG.

The cast is then taken over by horror film aficionado and dope emcee Johnny Zuko for a few words and a couple of great tracks.

If you don’t like this week’s guests, I’ll have to just quote PE and say that “I can’t do nuthin’ for ya, man!”

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Meet the Slicer: Colton Hayward would like to wish a happy birth month to COLTON HAYWARD!

Colton has been involved from varying degrees (almost) since the conception of CinemaSlice!  We’re grateful to work with this creative, ambitious contributor! Colton has directed two CinemaSlice Mixtapes, acted in several skits and videos, and has been a cast member in the the 2016 and 2017 Black Friday filmmaking events!

Colton is a writer, producer, and director originally from Munger, Michigan. He currently is living in Chicago where he attends Columbia College. He enjoys hiking, video games, and story-based adventures like dungeons and dragons. Continue reading “Meet the Slicer: Colton Hayward”

The Indy Film Spotlight – Announcement

CinemaSlice is proud to announce our new series:

The Indy Film Spotlight

A series of independent films will be hand selected to highlight and distribute through! The first season of this 12 episode series will span the course of a full year. Each month CinemaSlice will release an awesome new independent film for your entertainment!

CinemaSlice is SCOURING the independent film community in search of well executed films for digital distribution–And only the crème de la crème will be selected!

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3rd Annual CinemaSlice Black Friday Shoot!

Being a part of the annual CinemaSlice Black Friday film shoot is becoming a tradition for me! I’ve only been involved in two of them so far, but plan to be a part of as many as I can be in the future. However Nic and Michael come up with these ideas is working for them: each year has its own style and factor of cheesiness that I love.

This year’s trailer is for a zombie baseball film.

I met up with my fellow slicers at a baseball field in Bay City’s south end. Stepping out of my car two things immediately became clear: there were a lot of new faces this year, and none of us had a great understanding of the rules of baseball. That didn’t stop us from having fun though.

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