Art Lives On #6 – “Rubber Ducky”

Back with another music piece to add to the “Art Lives On” project! And more directly, to release ART into the world!

Bath time!

When I recently became aware of the toxicity of the innards of a favorite children’s bath toy, the rubber duck, I set about writing a parody song, with different melody, lyrics and chord structure, yet reminiscent of a song that used to be quite popular.

My thanks to Jodi Pierson-Kraska who shared two photographs for this project.

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The SliceCast – Jason Morisette and The Farsighted Network present… the third episode of the new and improved SLICECAST

Jason Morisette made a scary movie a few years ago and now it’s up on Amazon and a few other places for everyone to enjoy! On this, our belated April episode of the SliceCast, Jason talks about his love for film and a bit about his film, Locked Away.

After Jason wraps, Justin’s friend and favorite Philly singer/songwriter/jackass-of-all-trades Josh Alvarez takes over with a couple of tracks off of his album, The Lonely Friend.

Here’s how you check out more from Jason and Josh:

Jason on YouTube

Watch Locked Away on Amazon Prime

Josh on Twitter

Josh’s Podcast – Cinepunx

Josh’s Bandcamp

Art Lives On – Episode 4 – “All Hands on Deck”

ART LIVES ON, in episode #4 of this musical series!

Sunday, April 22, 2018 is Earth Day this year. A bit of the history of Earth Day may be found HERE.

The preservation of the quality and availability of water is critical for health and for the survival of life on our planet.

Drinking water is one of those things that many people in the United States take for granted. One of the amazing things I love about the people in the Great Lakes region is that they have an acute sense of the value of clean water – likely instilled by their love of the Lakes upon which they live. However, it’s that very abundance of water that makes people in this region wonder why water conservation should be an issue. In actuality, water conservation and Great Lakes restoration go hand in hand; the less water we take out of the Great Lakes and consume, the more there is to support this amazing ecosystem. The Lakes are at some of the lowest levels in decades. Every drop counts.

In conjunction with Earth Day, I wrote and offer this song entitled, “All Hands on Deck,” Lyrics and Music © June 20, 2017 by David M. Waldman, All Rights Reserved. To accompany the song, I created the video: “All Hands on Deck” © July 18, 2017 David M. Waldman, All Rights Reserved.

CinemaSlice Mixtape Vol.42 – Review

The CinemaSlice Mixtape Vol.42 has been released and once again its a solid compilation of songs showcasing the amazing talent that the featured independent musicians possess. The genres included in this music compilation cover a wide spectrum from everything to Deathcore, Metalcore, Metal, Stoner, Horrorcore, Hip-Hop, Ambient, and even some Acoustic.

This album series prides itself on being eclectic and this installment delivers once again.

Being a fan of the band Clutch, I’d have to say that one of my favorite tracks would be “Search and Seizure” by Seritas. Slow, driving, and methodical this song was right up my alley. “The Melodic Undertow” by KillSignal was another standout for me. With all the different new flavors of metal coming out seemingly everyday, it’s good to hear someone representing the roots of the genre. I also enjoyed “Morning Sun” by Quest the Catalyst & Chase Passion. A lot of the album skewed a little dark in tone and to end on a lighter more upbeat tune was perfect.

Personally, some of the darker, ambient tracks didn’t do much for me. I recognize that they were very well done, but I didn’t find myself wanting to come back to them after a couple listens. If you’re into that genre of music, however, I would suggest giving the dark and disturbing “Griever” by SZar a listen.

JerkSauce” by XcomboverX, “No One” by The 2nd System, and “Gunslinger” by Skull Chin Spaz are some Honorable Mentions from me, just a few more tracks not to miss out on.

I definitely would recommend picking this compilation up and giving it a listen! It’s best feature is its diversity!

If you’re looking to broaden you’re musical interests, this album is for you!


The SliceCast – Tonia Carrier

Filmmaker Tonia Carrier and Musician Jeff Schrems Kick Off the New and Improved SLICECAST and The Farsighted Network present… the debut of the new and improved SLICECAST

On this inaugural episode, Justin talks to indie filmmaker Tonia Carrier as part of Women in Horror Month, whose latest feature Bailiwick is a fringe fantasy drama with horror elements. She’s got more horror in the works, too. Fans of other genres will love her offbeat comedy Selling Stupid, as well.

The audio isn’t great, so please bear with us as we figure out some of the logistics on this new endeavor. Tonia is a delight to hear, however… so that should more than make up for it.


See you again later this month with more movie talk and more great tunes!

Listen to the podcast below or listen at The Farsighted and

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Art Lives On – Track 1

January’s offering is called “Disinformation”

“Disinformation” is defined by the dictionary as false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.” The song explores this word, the first use of which was in 1939.


Song: “Disinformation” © October 24, 2016 by David M. Waldman All Rights Reserved

Art Lives On presents: Art Lives On – A collection of original music by David Waldman.

Each month of 2018, will feature original instrumental or vocal music in a wide variety of genres, composed and performed by David Waldman. At the end of this music experiment, will release a full musical compilation for free download containing each of David Waldman’s monthly songs, as well as some bonus materials!

Each track from this compilation will release slowly, much like a pendulum, finally crescendoing with the FREE compilation for download in Nov of 2018!

DARKLING – Soundtrack Review

“Darkling the Soundtrack”, for the film “DARKLING” by Michael Welborn, is music that is as much psychologically thrilling as the film itself. The music compilation is a mixture of beautiful compositions with dark, eerie elements, making this an album to enjoy multiple times. “DARKLING” the film is a must watch, but “Darkling the Soundtrack” tells the story of the movie just as well.

The main reason this soundtrack works so well is that, despite a variety of musical genres, the tone of the album fits the film throughout.

An early track “Bassling” (by AVZTN), with its slow, calming guitar and bass line, hits this tone perfectly. Another standout track “Stewen” (by AVZTN) is interesting in that it almost encapsulates the feel of the whole movie in one song. The soothing opening leads to a repeating rhythm on the piano that gets almost frantic before melting away to an almost silent end of the last minute. Finally “Overdose” and “Darkening the Pianos” (both by AVZTN) are a great ending to the album. The chaotic sounds of Overdose leading to the calming sounds of Darkening the Piano felt like watching a curtain closing on a car crash. Continue reading “DARKLING – Soundtrack Review”

X-Mas Music Mixtape 2017 – Review

The X-mas Music Mixtape is a combo of classic holiday song covers and original tunes done in various musical genres. Rap, metal and punk are just some of styles you’ll hear as you go on this non-traditional Christmas journey.

CinemaSlice is putting out a Christmas record and if Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” isn’t your jam, then THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU.

There is a lot to enjoy here

My personal favorites were the fuzzed-out, jangly cover of “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” by Anchors Aweigh and the heavy version of Winter Wonderland called MetalWonderland by Johnny ZERO. I am also going to include an honorable mention to the darkest Christmas song I’ve ever heard “Violent Night” by Ray Elfman (imagine if Patrick Bateman from American Psycho wrote a Christmas song).

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