Under the Radar

On Halloween, 2017, CinemaSlice‘s Michael Welborn released a short film clip paying homage to the 1940 film The Devil Bat (starring Bela Lugosi) – also called The Devil Bat. I asked an old college friend (an avid film fan, and a classmate in Andrew Jefchak‘s Literature and Motion Pictures class at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan) for his input on the film before I wrote this.

Talking with Welborn, he mentioned that his intention was to cover what he felt was the main scene(s) in the original film – explaining the short length (a little over three minutes) of this project. He also had some ideas he’d like to try for an expanded homage – though to my knowledge those are still in the concept stage.

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Rainbow Row

This project began as a self-challenge. I took the following suggestions from three friends:
1. Nic White to write a hair metal song about rainbows,
2. Francis LaLonde to write a techno song about birds of Bigelow Park (Bay City, MI), and from
3. Leslie Campbell to write a Ska song about dog hair on everything.

This song was the result.

Photos by Mrs. W and by David Waldman

“Rainbow Row” lyrics and music © 08/29/17 by David M. Waldman (All Rights Reserved)