“Center City” – Reel Review

CinemaSlice.com’s Indy Film Spotlight for the month of June is the noir short film “Center City”. Directed by August Aguilar and written by Frank Aguilar “Center City” centers around the seemingly simple plot of a woman, played by Jenny Moon, being driven around Philadelphia while having a conversation about the local landmarks with her driver, played by Mike Raymond. After being dropped of at a hotel for awhile and arriving back to the vehicle with a man, played by David Pelella, we begin to find out that this is no innocent tryst and that there are far more sinister motives to this meeting.

I really enjoyed the first opening scenes of this short. A fantastic score, good acting and the film being shot in the traditional noir style really set the stage for the climax of the plot and the delightfully disturbing revelation at the end. The classical music, composed by Mike Raymond Jr., and the small talk between the woman and the driver really lead the viewer into a false sense of serenity and masks the viewer from their true intentions. 

I have to admit, I did have to watch this a couple of times to fully comprehend what was actually happening at the end. Due to the high quality of the film, however, multiple viewings are encouraged. Although the reveal at the end is a bit subtle, and may be missed by some viewers, I still feel this is a strong entry to the. After hearing that plans of more films in this universe are being made I am genuinely excited and really hope to jump back into the world of “Center City” sooner rather than later.

5 out of 6 reels.

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