Center City

Center City (2017) is our June 2018 Indy Film Spotlight release! Center City is an intriguing high-contrast noir film that leaves you wanting more-- which is great, because Strange Films has plans to create other films set in the same 'universe' as Center City!



Log Line

Welcome to The City of Brotherly Love.



When THE WOMAN comes to town for business, she will find beauty in the great city of Philadelphia. Little does she know, the dark complexities of her job will lead other to an acquired taste.



Behind the Scenes

  • This is the second film of the Strange Films productions.
  • All shot on location in Philadelphia, with original jazz music composed by Mike Raymond Jr.
  • Center City shot on no budget whatsoever besides renting a car for the film.
  • The film has gone on to screen at four film festivals, winning Best Drama at the Philly TV Film Fest.
  • Strange Films has also produced a spin-off of the film featuring one of the characters in the film, with plans to produce more.

Director commentary featurette



Directed by: August Aguilar

Written and produced by: Frank Aguilar


  • Jenny Moon as The Woman
  • Mike Raymond as Driver
  • David Pelella as The Mark
  • Paul Magilton as Butch
  • Michael Fullard as Mike

Original Music by Mike Raymond, JR.

Tag Phrases

"Philadelphia" - "Center City" - "Film Noir" - "No Budget" - "Award Winning"

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