“CinemaSlice presents: Art Lives On by David Waldman” – #11


“There’s Plastic in Our Poops Now”

An online article, dated November 3, 2018, by Jason Daley, writing for the Sierra Club, revealed that a new study found plastic in Our (Human) Poop. Indeed, tiny plastic fragments and fibers were everywhere.

I thought of the Horror implications of this for our species and decided to write a song and make a video about the problem. My song, “There’s Plastic in Our Poops Now,” is not a substitute for the science behind the article. If you are interested in the article and its implications, here is the link: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/new-study-finds-plastic-our-poop


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{Verse 1}

You keep sayin’ science news is boring,

Well, maybe you’re smart, maybe your wrong,

We’ve been a-dumpin’ mega-tons of plastic,

And now, a wake-up call: You hear that gong?

There’s plastic in our poops now, of microscopic size,

Plastic lands in the oceans until everybody dies.

{Verse 2}

You keep tossing, when you oughta recycle,

That’s eight million metric tons a year,

Plastic ends up battered by the oceans,

Until it’s teensy, microsized, my dear.

There’s plastic in our poops now, of microscopic size,

Plastic lands in the ocean, until everybody dies.

{Verse 3}

Plastic lands in our stomachs and intestines,

Lots of plastic enters our food chain,

Fish and shellfish and birdies eat that plastic,

And we eat them; more plastic, once again.

There’s plastic in our poops now, of microscopic size,

Plastic lands in the ocean until everybody dies.

{Verse 4}

We could each review our shopping habits,
And take steps to minimize the threat,

But everyone’s a-shoppin’ and a-tossin’,
Yeah, Polythene Pam, she  ain’t learned nothin’ yet.

There’s plastic in our oceans, and, friends, well, here’s the scoop,

Most of these days that plastic’s gonna wind up in our poop.


Our poop, my poop, your poop, his poop, her poop, their poop, all poop,


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David Waldman

David Waldman is a film writer, cinematographer, director, producer, actor, editor and composer. In addition, he is an unsigned singer/songwriter/arranger/performer with numerous original songs filed with US Copyright Office. He was born in New York City, NY. Musical Education: Waldman studied piano with Leopold Mittman at the Long Island Institute of Music in New York City, NY. He writes, arranges and records, and performs as a vocalist, keyboard player and upright bass player. He enjoys professional musical challenges and making music business contacts. Waldman enjoys writing both serious and comedic music.