Curb Stomp

Curb Stomp (2016) was shot at 2nd annual Black Friday Filmmaking event!Curb Stomped was written and shot by Michael Welborn as an ode to the 1970’s classic film, The Warriors. Curb Stomp was also featured in the CinemaSlice 2016 GrindHouse Trilogy (available on DVD).



Log Line

Choose the right side, or get stomped out!



In a warring city loosely bound by a primitive set of morals thrives a gang, Marco’s Polo’s, led by the brave warrior, Marco. Comprised of Bart, Rex, Trill, Maria and Marco himself, Marco’s Polo’s set out to patrol their turf. What they find is a transforming dynamic brewing in the city. Change is coming, will they survive?



Behind the Scenes

  • Inspired by The Warriors (1979) 
  • Final working script produced hours before shooting began due to cast changes.
  • 2 break-away beer bottles were purchased and used in the film. A first in prop history for CinemaSlice.
  • The actor Eric Oertel learned the Superman Punch over the course of about 3 minutes using a youtube tutorial just prior to shooting the scene.
  • Originally intended to feature a Go-Pro shot during the titular “Curb Stomp” scene, the plans were scrapped then the battery in the Go-pro died unexpectedly.
  • Though shot solely in Bay City Michigan, actors from as far as Washington state and England can be heard in the film.


Written, directed and edited by Michael Welborn

Music by Austin Michael Riley

Executive Producer Nic White

“Magnetic Storm” by Arcanum Instar

Shot by Michael Welborn and Colton Hayward

Additional Footage by Ron Stratton

3D Animation by Michael Welborn


  • Tom Hardy
  • Bruce Falcon
  • Brandon Guiles
  • Aaron Bernard
  • Rachel Welborn
  • Dr Ray Clark
  • Eric Oertel
  • Vickie Cox
  • Emry Kolb
  • Joe Richard
  • Tobin Welborn
  • Colton Hayward
  • Jerry Boughter
  • Brady Charboneau
  • Sabrina Charboneau
  • Ben Toyzan
  • Angelica Negrete
  • Carlos Negrete
  • Felipe Kruchkow Negrete
  • Arturo Negrete, Jr
  • Mike Welborn Sr
  • Tom Major
  • Jason “Bear” Parth

Tag Phrases

“Choose a side” – “gang movie” – “The Warrior” – “gangs”

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