DARKLING – Soundtrack Review

“Darkling the Soundtrack”, for the film “DARKLING” by Michael Welborn, is music that is as much psychologically thrilling as the film itself. The music compilation is a mixture of beautiful compositions with dark, eerie elements, making this an album to enjoy multiple times. “DARKLING” the film is a must watch, but “Darkling the Soundtrack” tells the story of the movie just as well.

The main reason this soundtrack works so well is that, despite a variety of musical genres, the tone of the album fits the film throughout.

An early track “Bassling” (by AVZTN), with its slow, calming guitar and bass line, hits this tone perfectly. Another standout track “Stewen” (by AVZTN) is interesting in that it almost encapsulates the feel of the whole movie in one song. The soothing opening leads to a repeating rhythm on the piano that gets almost frantic before melting away to an almost silent end of the last minute. Finally “Overdose” and “Darkening the Pianos” (both by AVZTN) are a great ending to the album. The chaotic sounds of Overdose leading to the calming sounds of Darkening the Piano felt like watching a curtain closing on a car crash.

Whenever I think back on watching this film I will always think of the track “Darkling drama” (by AVZTN). A beautiful piano melody plays while underneath you hear something dark and disturbing that is seemingly trying to break through.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this soundtrack. It nails the tone of the film not only on the whole but also if you listen to individual tracks, like the ones mentioned above. Even songs like “Silent Night” (by Bear Parth) and “Galaxy Gary Adventures” (by AVZTN) which upon first listen may seem to stray from the feel of the album, end up making sense when you watch “DARKLING”.


“DARKLING” is playing in Bay City, MI at The State Theatre on Sunday, February 25th — and whether you listen to the album or watch the film first they both are incredible works and complement each other perfectly.

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