Expected NonSense – “Deadpool 2”

Howdy folks, your friendly neighborhood momo Pete Floyd with you as always. Up this time around, I’m giving you the skinny on Deadpool 2.

Well gang, it’s pretty rare that a sequel can out do the original.

In fact, it’s so rare that it hardly ever happens. At least follow-ups anyway. Occasionally further into a series, a sequel can compare favorably to the original. However, that’s often not the case.

Not here folks. Deadpool 2, dare I say, is better than the original. The humor, over-the-top gore and all around silliness that made the first film so much fun is back, but without the downfall of repetition.

Obviously not one for the kids, Deadpool 2 is at your throat constantly with foul language, violence and a silly plot. All of which you’ve come to expect from this franchise. And of course the hammy acting you expect to come across in a comic book movie. All things that are easily forgivable.

I’ll be the first to admit that when Reynolds was cast in the role again after the disaster that was X-MEN Origins: Wolverine, I was upset. Physically. But the first film was a fitting adaptation no matter what anyone says. And so I got over it quickly.

Most of the original cast returns, which is worth noting because they play their parts well. However, Marvel has a new golden boy: Josh Brolin.

His portrayl of Thanos in Infinity War was above criticism. And here, in an awesome bit of casting, he brings to life Cable.

If you don’t know who Cable is, go and do your homework folks. It’s worth looking into.

But his updated take on the character adds counterbalance to the silliness of Reynold’s Wade Wilson. They exchange potshots and large arms fire that is the heart of the movie. Their motives for their actions is actually something that makes the film stand out from most comic book films. There are actually touching moments in this movie that kind of add up to a film that would otherwise make no sense yet somehow is perfectly done.

The movie is a very fitting addition to a slapstick, gorey, and just plan offensive franchise.

It is so much fun, you’ll be laughing so loudly along with everyone else and be out of touch with reality for duration of the film.

A lot can be said about the fact that the director of the original bailed making one think this film could have turned out to be a shitshow. I’m grateful that’s not the case. In fact, the pacing, humor and general feel of the movie is more comfortable than the original.

The writing, direction and even acting has actually improved from the first Deadpool movie. As far as sequels go, this is a great one. And in this humble Momo’s opinion, an improvement over the original.

I’m giving this one 6 out of 6 reels. That’s right. 6.

Some may disagree, but remember, it’s a comic book movie. I’m basing my rating on the genre. And this one gang, is a home run.

Thanks for stopping by gang!

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