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For any Slicer that has been living under a rock, A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL 2018 was Cinema’s Slice’s first ever film festival event (named after the CinemaSlice short horror anthology series) which took place in Michigan on October 13th, 2018.

CinemaSlice has teamed up with Festivault to bring an exclusive online-only encore presentation of A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FEST to the World!

That’s right! All of the creepy, gorey, twisted films showed at the State theatre last October can now be viewed online this December 14th – 21st! Just log on to Festivault.tv, buy an online ticket, and stream all of the films from the comfort of your movie lair!

That’s 22 short horror films, as well as the docu-thriller, The Monster With 21 Faces!


  • 1. Acne by Arturo Uspango (FL)
  • 2. Mr Pointy by Dominic Wieneke (SD)
  • 3. Breathe by Rusty Pietrzak (OH)
  • 4. Serial Dating by Steve MacLaren (MI)
  • 5. Nightmare Child by Thomas Moore (TN)
  • 6. Meat Sack by Wages of Cine (GA)
  • 7. The Pit by Jeff Vande Zande (MI)
  • 8. Paralysis by Melissa De Leon (NJ)
  • 9. 6 Years Later by Kamil Wójcik (Poland)
  • 10. Z Dead End by Robert Restro (CO)
  • 11. Play With Me by Ash Hamilton (IL) – Best Blood Selection
  • 12. Am I Scary Now by Jon David Leslie (CA) – Creepiest Creature Selection
  • 13. Compensation by Chu-Yi Chen (Taiwan) – Twist Ending Selection
  • 14. The Last Cry – by Cynthia Bergen (TX) – Slicer Film Selection
  • 15. Angel Watching Over Me by Even Keel Productions (MI)
  • 16. Detroit Exploitation by MCR/Electric Otto (MI)
  • 17. La ROI De La MORT by Jeremy Borden (OH)
  • 18. Doppelganger by Nic White (OH)
  • 19. I’m here by James Pinson (OH)
  • 20. CUT by Jeremy Allen (OH)
  • 21. Splatter Up by CinemaSlice (MI)
  • 22. Par-A-Site by Nic, Jeremy, Mike, Josh, Jeremy 2 (OH)
  • 23. The Monster With 21 Faces by Michael Welborn (MI)


Only $5 to stream this entire online festival experience!

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