Expected NonSense – Hereditary

Howdy gang. Once again, Pete Floyd here delivering the straight poop on yet another film that is generating buzz: Hereditary

In a sea of blockbuster sequels, comic book movies and reboots, this unconventional horror film is a throwback to the scary movies of yesteryear. I’m reminded of films like The Shining that work not with cheap scares or over the top effects to terrify you, but instead rely on psychological terror to get the heart beating.

The cinematography is top notch.

I feel immersed in the story from the opening credits. It’s setting and scenic portrayal remind of the types of films that terrified me as a child.

The film’s musical score is also something to take note of. The music is used to build up suspense to actually leave you in a sense of peril while watching.

The director, Ari Aster, does a beautiful job of drawing you in to the story slowly. He gives you over the shoulder glimpses of something lurking in the shadows and by the end of the movie, delivers creepy, unexpected and non-conventional horror that makes this film stand apart from most films in the genre today.

Also, the cast, led by Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne make the the film even more credible. Their performances are honest. A rarity in scary movies these days.

However, the film’s ending seriously left me unsatisfied.

It felt to me as though the writers couldn’t figure where to go with the story. The lead up to it was great. But the payoff not so much. The whole point of the secondary characters motives are revealed and it just felt empty. Granted, horror films can usually leave you disappointed in this way. More often than not. But honestly, it didn’t ruin the experience.

I do recommend this one gang. If I were you, get to a theater and take it, if it’s not too late.

I’ll give this one 4 out of 6 reels folks.

It’s a beautifully creepy film worth at least a one time viewing.

Thanks for checking in with me folks. More nonsense to come…

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