Expected NonSense – “A Quiet Place”

Howdy folks, with you again is your friendly neighborhood Momo, Pete Floyd. This time around, I’m giving you the heads-up on John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place.

Hand’s down, one of the best filmed horror flicks in recent memory, AQP stands out in the genre for a multitude of reasons.

  1. For starters: The plot.
    While untold events bringing about global destruction isn’t a new concept, it’s delivered beautifully in a cold open starting 89 days into the untold event. Careful placement of clues, not overly deliberate, give perspective that most movie goers believe they require to understand or enjoy a film. Here you don’t. You’re immediately immersed in this world without any concern as to what the hell happened. From the start you’re tense, wondering what horrors lurk around each corner.
  2. Second, in a not too distant future where even whispers bring about creatures that mean to end you, silence is golden. As it is for the movie goers as well. The lack of dialogue demands your attention to the screen. You’re not tempted to pull out the phone or lean in and talk to whoever you’re with for fear of missing something. The film is shot beautifully with special attention taken in combing through the characters newly emptied world which they still mean to make comfortable regardless of what evil lies waiting in the wings.
  3. Third, and I think most important, is the top notch performances of Krasinski and real-life spouse Emily Blount. Their delivery of the character’s struggle in adapting to the alternative existence they’ve been forced to endure is where the social underpinnings are clearly evident.

There’s so much depth to this film. The constant tiptoeing. The desire to scream but the inability to. (Like living in Trump’s America perhaps?) The elegant cinematography.

Well written and directed by Krasinski, the movie delivers the right amount of just about everything that makes going to the theater one of my favorite pastimes.

I’m giving the film 5 out of 6 six reels. The ending falls just a wee bit short on originality, but I don’t see that Krasinski had much choice but to go the direction he did. This is one for the theater folks. If you haven’t seen it already, then take my word for it, call into work, school, your marriage or that pesky brain surgery. This is a flick to take in while the Cineplex is still playing it.

Thanks for stopping by gang!

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