Film Review: Locked Away

Plot: Locked Away follows the Turner family in their attempt to flee a zombie outbreak that is accidentally unleashed upon their small town.

Review: The first thing that stuck out to me was the one boys last name, Savini. Haha, I see you Jason Morisette. I appreciate that nod to the great Tom Savini. For the readers that don’t know, Tom Savini is known for his incredible effects work on Dawn of the Dead and makeup on Friday the 13th!

Was a bloody good time and would recommend to anyone who is a hardcore zombie fan.

Jumping into the movie, we see Michael Turner (Travis Boswell) returning home from war. Little does he know that the life he hoped to return to has changed. Travis did a great job and it made me wonder if he actually did serve. He reminded me a lot of my brother in law who is currently serving. His younger brother Ty Turner (Ben Gordon) and Ty’s best friend Brad Savini (Max Dardas) reminded me of my friend Tylor and I when we were that age. Always up to something, but we never had a damn zombie (Matt Crews) in a shed lol. Little more on that later.

Michael returns to his childhood home where his mother Janice (Jan Armbruster), father Frank (Tom Fuller) and little brother Ty wait for him. Michael is put through the rounds of welcomes but you can tell something else is on his mind. The doorbell rings and in comes the love interest Jen (Meagan Eager). They end up all sitting down for dinner together. It is eventually brought up that Jen is now seeing Eric Benz (Andy Dalton) a old classmate and friend of th theirs. I know Andy Dalton and was not expecting to see him when he shows up later so that was fun lol. I want to touch on Frank Turner for a second though. Since Michael gets home to the time Frank dies, I absolutely hate his character. Not in a bad acting way either. Tom Fuller nailed that asshole dad role and emotionally made me angry. Props on that one.

Now back to the movie, we see Ty asking to be excused from dinner to go see his friend Brad who has something to show him. Ty gets to Brad’s house and it ends up being a zombified family member in his shed. It bothered me that there wasn’t more explanation about said zombie other than it’s a zombie. I might have missed it but pretty sure there was none. As kids do they start poking at it lol. Now it’s all fun and games till it breaks free and makes a snack of Brad. Ty flees for home and ends up running into his brother half way. Convincing Michael that they need to go back, they head as fast as they can back to Brad’s house.

From here a series of zombie attacks unfold and now it is spreading faster throughout the town. Michael and Ty evade multiple zombies and make it to the woods where Ty does the classic fall and break leg bit. Fast forward to the party store scene we Michael and Ty arrive there just as the rest of the family is pulling up in the car. Perfect timing right? They find zombie Frank who had went up to the store. Janice freaks out and thinks she can help him and ends up getting bit on the head while fleeing… I think? That part bothered me as I didn’t know if it was just a clump of hair he took out or was a actual scalp bite. She doesn’t actually get bit until later though.

They drive to the school where they find shelter with Professor Spriggs (J. Kevin O’Connor) who lets them in. He totally reminds me of a hippie Jeffrey Combs in Re-Animator by the way lol. We find out he has a zombie secured he has been experimenting on. He tells them he has found a way to kill them which is concentrated aspirin. Thought it was interesting that earlier when Michael shot one that it did nothing. Was nice to see a different type of zombie for once.

A lot more happens after this and we see love and death and everything in between. I don’t want to spoil the rest for anyone who wants to watch it. Over all it was a solid movie and I got more than I expected from an independent film. You can watch the full film if you are a Amazon Prime subscriber or rent it HERE.

Final Reel Rating

Was a bloody good time and would recommend to anyone who is a hardcore zombie fan. The zombies getting into the classroom bothered the hell out of me though. Why didn’t they close the doors and block them to the classroom they were in!? Little things like that here and there bothered me. It did not take away from the film as a whole though and I enjoyed it!

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