Headlights (2014) is a thriller about 2 over-worked hitmen, and explores the concept of divine intervention.



Log Line

Turn on your headlights to shed some light on the situation.



Two contract killers take their target into the woods after dark. Can Pretty Boy talk his way out of this situation?



Behind the Scenes

  • Headlights is loosely based on a story by Nic White and John Sklba, developed years earlier.
  • Shot in 1 day, the shoot for Headlights was carefully timed to align with the setting sun.
  • During a lunch-break at a pizzeria, the cast and crew split a double-bacon pizza.
  • This short film was not supposed to include any profanity at all. One set, things changed…
  • When shooting b-roll footage, we found several severed chicken heads… true story.




  • Jarod Oertel as “The Talker” Hitman #1
  • Aaron Walkowiak as “Play Boy” Hotman #2
  • Michael Welborn as “Pretty Boy” Hostage

Conceptualized by John Sklba and Nic White

Based on a script by John Sklba

Script Revisions by Jarod Oertel and Nic White

Boom Operator / Key Grip: Jaret Camp

Cinematography by Nick Frollo and Nic White

Edited by Nic White

Original Music Composed by Jarod Oertel

Additional Music and Sound FX by Austin Michael Riley

Colorist: Andrew Tucker

Tag Phrases

“Headlights” – “Divine Intervention” – “Pretty Boy” – “Play Boy”

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