Hello, This is QuEsT

Hello people of the Slice,

People of the sun,

People of the arts.

My name is Michael Gonzalez, owner operator of Crowded Couch, which is an art music and networking platform. Our motto is art, comfort, community.I am from bay city, Michigan, where I still reside, but my heart is with all causes that relate to my own dream for MORE ART, MORE EVENTS, MORE PARTICIPATION, MORE LOVE and APPRECIATION FOR ARTS.

I consider myself a jack of all arts, with the intent to incubate, network, and accent art comfort and community. I use art to shock the beauty out of people. Poetry. Photography, music, sculpture, mixed media painting and collage, etc.

Cinema slice is naturally an extension of all if this by virtue of it’s existence, and so being invited to contribute to the Creative Soup is a true blessing.

  • Why do we art?
  • And what is the purpose of a collective?

Art is the subjective extension of ourselves into an objective world, and by the very nature of art collectives exists, but more specifically a collective in arts, is to manifest the power of creativity and productivity with many minds.

More than one lightbulb makes the room brighter, so to speak.

So being asked to write reviews on content, or events was just second nature to me, and my appreciation for the cause of artistic collectives.

I am truly honored to lend words to the cause of CinemaSlice.

I look forward to sharing, accenting, and lending perspective to the beautiful cause and content that is and will be, CinemaSlice.

Stay Tuned, Stay Wild,

– Quest The Catalyst

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Bay City, Mi native, Eclectic expressionist. Jack of all arts. Crowded Couch Collective

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Bay City, Mi native, Eclectic expressionist. Jack of all arts. Crowded Couch Collective