HHM 2017 – Day 2

The 2nd day of the HHM fest brought the scares and laughs big time, so instead of one review I’m going to rapid fire you many short reviews. If you’re a fan of the dark comedy or horror genres get ready for a treat. We will work our way from the genre shorts that were just okay and end with the ones that were truly exceptional.

Demonoid 1971
This horror comedy, reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project, takes us on a ride with a group of friends on a camping trip that stumble upon an ancient evil in some Aztec ruins. This was fun at first but quickly went off the rails. I don’t mind funny but this just got too silly for me in the end.



The Barbers Cut
2 severed heads hatch an escape plan from the basement of an insane barber. Will they make it out alive? Better question, how will they make it out? Very funny and creepy but not as memorable as some of the other shorts shown.

Killer Spacemen from Outer Planet X
A space crew must defend itself on a planet of evil aliens. If you’re a fan of deadpan humor, this ones for you. Bad acting and bad dialogue but in this case that’s what makes the movie so good.


A couple in the woods lead their daily lives in a zombie apocalypse. Sounds generic until they find out that maybe there are other things far scarier than the zombies. Good acting, good plot, and great ending. I’m a sucker for zombie films but this one had a creative twist that I hadn’t encountered before.

Two Guys
A couple artists are in need of some inspiration so they decide to hit the town looking for trouble. They find it, more than they bargained for. This was hilarious! Their ever increasing bad decisions spiral out of control quickly and is absurdly entertaining to watch.

The Robbery
After doing some drugs in an Uber a girl decides rob a party store. Seemingly oblivious to her surroundings things quickly get out of control. The dark comedy shorts at this fest really knocked it out of the park. Just like the previous film, Two Guys, watching the girls problems stack up was very funny.

Untill tomorrow!

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