HHM 2017 – Day 3

Documentary Day

Stigmatic: Our Opioid Crisis

In Bay City and Saginaw the number of people addicted to opioids has raised to a point where it is now affecting not just the individual but also their family members and the community in which they live. In Stigmatic we look at the details of this problem through interviews with recovering addicts, affected family/community members, and city officials as they discus how we can come together and solve this problem.
This film was great for a number of reasons but I think the most important is that they look at all sides of this issue. I happen to think that people make mistakes and, depending on the severity of these mistakes, people deserve chances to be able to fix the mistakes made. We also see the other side and look at the logistics of providing rehab programs, if they are financially feasible and whether or not they are truly affective. Looking at the multiple sides of this complex issue is what makes this documentary a great bit of filmmaking.


For Flint

This documentary follows the lives of an artist, an educator, and a reformed drug dealer living in the infamous Flint, MI.
This was by no means a bad documentary. I enjoyed it but also thought it could have been so much more. We connect with each of the characters by observing their day to day activities and how they cope in a city with a high crime rate and ongoing water crisis. This is where the film excels. I guess I was hoping for a little more information about the actual problems that affect the city.


Bonus: Northfound

Two sisters deal with the diagnosis of a deadly disease. This isn’t a documentary per se but it does deal with real life issues. I wanted to add it because it’s the only film of the festival so far that made me get that lump in my throat and got me in the feels. The relationship development in this film is astounding considering it’s only 15 minutes in length. If you have a sibling, go grab them and watch this film.

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