Hell’s Half Mile 2017

Hello CinemaSlicers!

My name is Mark Kelly and I am going to be attending the 12th annual Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival in the lovely City by the Bay (Bay City, MI). Throughout the weekend I will be providing reviews and reactions to the sights and sounds that I experience and share them with you at CinemaSlice.com.

Little bit about myself, I am a resident of Bay City and enjoy reading, true crime podcasts, video gaming, music and, of course, movies. My favorite movie genre is horror with my favorite movie being “The Shining”. I am definitely looking forward to Friday night of the festival when they will be screening a series of scary movie shorts.

This is the 5th HHM Fest that I have attended and have always had a great time. If you are in the area I encourage you to come watch some of the great films and I am looking forward to giving you my impressions of the event.

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Mark Kelly

Hello, my name is Mark and I reside in the City by the Bay (Bay City, MI). I enjoy movies (favorite genre: Horror), reading (favorite book: No Country for Old Men), Music (favorite band: Full of Hell), videogames (favorite game: Red Dead Redemption), and eating Taco Bell (favorite menu item: Chipotle Chicken Loaded Griller)

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