The Indy Film Spotlight – Announcement

CinemaSlice is proud to announce our new series:

The Indy Film Spotlight

A series of independent films will be hand selected to highlight and distribute through! The first season of this 12 episode series will span the course of a full year. Each month CinemaSlice will release an awesome new independent film for your entertainment!

CinemaSlice is SCOURING the independent film community in search of well executed films for digital distribution–And only the crème de la crème will be selected!

In a move to solidify our support for indy cinema, CinemaSlice is teaming with a variety of independent filmmakers to co-release their original films! Starting in March 2018 we will release the first film in the “Indy Film Spotlight” series. Each subsequent month we’re release our favorite independent films to the world! We’re talking about projects in an array of different genres.

Stay tuned for more information at


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