The Indy Film Spotlight

A series of independent films will be hand selected to highlight and distribute through! The first season of this 12 episode series will span the course of a full year. Each month CinemaSlice will release an awesome new independent film for your entertainment!

CinemaSlice is SCOURING the independent film community in search of well executed films for digital distribution–And only the crème de la crème will be selected!

In a move to solidify our support for indy cinema, CinemaSlice is teaming with a variety of independent filmmakers to co-release their original films! See our line-up below:

2018 Releases

Papers X: Carbon Copy

by Tony Tale

March 2018

Kayden McCoy, a troubled 15 year old highschool student, is caught off guard with the truth of her Family’s past. She uncovers her secret power acquired by her family after a fire at a Paper Factory in 1938 owned by her Great great Grandfather. Killing him and everyone inside. The Paper Lord Ashley Gray, finds out about her Carbon Copy’s existence and is set on a journey to tie up loose ends.

Nano Addiction

by Zack Deering

April 2018

Ferric is at the bottom of the social classes in this grim future.  He steals to support his drug addiction, but when his dealer gives him a new drug on the street called nanobots, Ferric gains new strengths and powerful enemies.  After waking up from a high in the country, a mysterious guide attempts to lead him to safety by using his new found abilities.

Midland Street Wicked

by Even Keel Productions

May, 2018

Midland Street Wicked tells the tale of a group of women with a few dark secrets. A demonic pair of sunglasses give the owner a powerful charisma and charm. The unintended consequence of wearing these shade? An insatiable blood lust.

Center City

By Strange Films
June, 2018

When THE WOMAN comes to town for business, she will find beauty in the great city of Philadelphia. Little does she know, the dark complexities of her job will lead other to an acquired taste.


by Zack Deering

July, 2018

Struggling to survive on the outskirts of a large city, a washed up engineer finds a mysterious android with a sinister directive.  The machine appears to posses human thought and reason but that might not be enough to stop the android from completing their mission.

Poker Table Observations

by Classy Dog Pictures
August, 2018

Just how interesting can a hand of poker get?

Tuesday Night Flamingo Fight

by DeadFella Films
September, 2018

An irrelevant story that focuses on the darker side of a child's imagination.

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