Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… You Don’t Know What You’re Missing…

Hey gang, Pete Floyd here again, reminding you that I know movies, and I know if you haven’t seen this one, you’re a Momo.

This week, I’m reviewing an oldie but goodie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

From 2005, this overlooked delight was brilliantly written and directed by Shane Black, writer of Lethal Weapon, The Last Boyscout, Iron Man Three and the upcoming sequel, The Predator.

Staring the wonderfully neurotic Robert Downey Jr. and surprisingly comedic Val Killer in another of my favorite silly L.A. tales of mistaken identity, almost immediately the brilliance begins to shine right from the get-go. You wouldn’t think the pairing of these two would pay off, but oh boy, it does.

Downey’s Harry Lockhart is an inept bumbling criminal who some how stumbles his way to Los Angeles and becomes embroiled in a murder mystery. Along the way he teams up with Kilmer’s Gay Perry the private eye who takes Harry along on a stake out to help his “acting”. (You just have to watch).

The supporting cast features the overlooked Michelle Monaghan, the underused Corbin Bernson and other bit players who lend credibility to the silliness of the story.

Beautifully filmed and wonderfully written, I’ve reviewed this movie hoping to bring awareness to this underappreciated joy. The performances are top shelf and the ludicrous story moves at a pace that keeps you wanting more after it’s conclusion.

This one gets 5 of 6 reels gang. If you haven’t already seen this diamond in the rough, you’re missing out. Do yourself the favor of seeing it before you forget that RDJ did other gigs besides playing Tony stark

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