Lower Spirits

A horror comedy about ghosts, demons, cryptids and the crew setting out to capture them on tape. Follow Brandon and Father Adams as they search for ‘the truth’. “GhostBusters” meets “The Office”.

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Lower Spirits - Season01
The first season of LOWER SPIRITS by Brandon Guiles.This horror comedy follows investigators of the paranormal.
Lower Spirits S1 E1 (The Possession)
Published at 2017, January 09
A camera crew, a priest and some paranormal investigators try to rid a girl of a demon.
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Lower Spirits - Season02 - Ghost Journeys
In the 2nd season of Lower Spirits, we see Father Adams and Brandon adopt a new approach to the world of ghost hunting.
Lower Spirits S1 E7 (The Cemetery Hunt)
Father Adams and Brandon get lost in a cemetery.
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