Meet the Slicer: Colton Hayward would like to wish a happy birth month to COLTON HAYWARD!

Colton has been involved from varying degrees (almost) since the conception of CinemaSlice!  We’re grateful to work with this creative, ambitious contributor! Colton has directed two CinemaSlice Mixtapes, acted in several skits and videos, and has been a cast member in the the 2016 and 2017 Black Friday filmmaking events!

Colton is a writer, producer, and director originally from Munger, Michigan. He currently is living in Chicago where he attends Columbia College. He enjoys hiking, video games, and story-based adventures like dungeons and dragons.

When it comes to writing, Colton gravitates towards stories with comedic elements. Despite this he’s been known to direct short films with a variety of styles: thriller, drama, documentary, etc.

Some notable projects Colton has worked on:

  • Directed shorts for Even Keel Productions as well, most notably “Killer Shades, the Ronnie Blu Obsession”
  • Colton has had a producing role on many short films over the years. The Darker Side of Life, Time Theft, and Columbia’s Real Students being the most notable.

But my favorite recent video series produced by Colton is his Film Review Series:

If you’re interested in seeing his work, check out Colton’s YouTube Channel TheTriumphantSpork. It holds a variety of content, such as time lapses, sketch comedy, and parody movie reviews.

Colton also streams once a week on Twitch.

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Colton Hayward

Originally from Michigan, Colton is currently attending school at Columbia College Chicago. He hopes to someday work regularly as a creative producer or writer for television and internet content.

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