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Sup Slicers?!

I thought it about time to feature myself in this edition of “Meet the Slicers“!

At age 7, my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. I told them, “I want to be an actor, like Bugs Bunny.” Little did I know, several decade later, I’d be an animator.

I realized I was a filmmaker at 8 yrs old. I got my hands on an aunt’s VHS-camcorder, and almost immediately started shooting footage of my toys. I was eager to record elaborate scenarios for my TMNT and Master of the Universe action figures. I quickly learned the art of claymation, and stop-motion. I still remember fondly my ‘Robot Chicken’-eque cartoons about my various action figures: Transformers, GI Joes, and The Toxic Crusaders.

As soon as my family bought a Hi-8 camcorder, I was off to work. I went to the library and read countless books on filmmaking, and actively wrote (terrible) scripts. I shot short films, dragging friends and family to ‘act’ in my movies.

I edited “in camera” as much as possible– and eventually graduated to the old “two VCRs” technique.

As my love for film and video production grew, so did the scope of my films. In 2003 I set out to produce my first full length feature film. In 2005 I released my masterpiece, Jo: The Crusder, in all of it’s standard def glory! I even rented out a local theater for the ‘World Premier’. That single event changed my life.

I no longer saw filmmaking as a hobby. I became obsessed. In the following years I continued studying video production, and the new technology with was evolving around me.

In the following years I produced numerous short films and dozens of music videos– Filmmaking became my primary outlet for artistic creations– Which eventually led me to the work of independent film festivals. After helping with a few film festivals in Michigan, I made a website to help support long distance film and video collaboration with friends in MI, and beyond! has grown in definition and in scope since its initial inception. 

Today I have the distinct honor and pleasure of contributing as a content creator and program director for  In 2017 alone, I was involved with producing over 75 films and videos with CinemaSlice!!! And 2018 is only going to be bigger and better!!

Thanks for taking a moment to read my story.

I’m passionate about collaborating with filmmakers around the country! If you’re interested in getting involved, drop us a line!


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Nic White

Program Director at CinemaSlice
Just your typical independent filmmaker, animator, vfx specialist, and creative content developer! I enjoy long walks on the beach while staring into my cell-phone screen and watching episodes of Black Mirror. #SupportIndependentFilmmaking

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