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We wanted to take a moment and introduce one of our contributors: David Waldman. David’s CinemaSlice credits include: original soundtrack compositions, both cast and crew positions, and an upcoming music compilation series– and if we’re lucky, we’ll see a lot more projects coming from this extremely talented Slicer!

David Waldman is a film writer, cinematographer, director, producer, actor, editor and composer. In addition, he is an unsigned singer/songwriter/arranger/performer with numerous original songs filed with US Copyright Office. He was born in New York City, NY.

Musical Education: Waldman studied piano with Leopold Mittman at the Long Island Institute of Music in New York City, NY.

Waldman writes and arranges songs for profit and non-profit organizations and enjoys collaborating on musical projects. His song, “A-Cast We Be” was purchased for use by the Van Buren Street Theatre’s (Bay City, MI) production of “The Pirate’s Convention” which was held over for additional performances. Another of his songs, “The Opportunity Center” has been used by a non-profit business that promotes the recovery of individuals with mental illness. David’s songs have delighted audiences worldwide. He is well grounded in European and American classical music, American & British rock, International folk, Broadway, Eastern European Jewish, Southern Gospel, and Humor/Parody.

  • He writes, arranges and records, and performs as a vocalist, keyboard player and upright bass player. He enjoys professional musical challenges and making music business contacts. Waldman enjoys writing both serious and comedic music.
  • Waldman wrote, co-produced, directed, composed music for, and was cinematographer and editor of the short film “Opportunity Abounds” (2014), which premiered at the State Theatre in Bay City, Michigan on May 30, 2014. He directed, co-produced, and was cinematographer and editor of the short film “Three Remarkable Women” (2014), which premiered on the same program.
  • Waldman has appeared in the movies: “Oz: the Great and Powerful” (2013), “Buy. Sell. Trade.” (2018), “Darkling” (2017), “Selling Stupid” (2017), and “Bailiwick” (2017), “Broken Side of Time” (2013), “Freaky Deaky” (2012), “Mary’s Buttons” (2012), “Detention of the Dead” (2012), and “Second Thoughts” (2012).
  • He has appeared in the made-for-TV movie: “Have a Little Faith” (2011) and in the TV series: “Lower Spirits – Cemetery” (2017).
  • Waldman was featured in the short movies: “The Devil Bat” (2017), “Humans” (2017), “Chick Book” (2013), “Kate Spade and the Virus of Emasculation” (2011), “Natural Poisons” (2011), and in the video short: “Awakening” (2011).
  • He appeared in a commercial for “Own Point of Sale Corporation” and has appeared in music videos for the Michigan rock groups “The Product” and “The Banana Convention,” and for the folk musician, “Chris Bathgate.”
  • Waldman was cinematographer for the short movie: “Opportunity Abounds” (2014), and co-cinematographer for the short movie: “Humans” (2017).
  • Waldman has served as a camera operator for the movies: “The Heart of a Dancer” (2016) and for “The House that Jack Broke” (2013); for the short movie: “Opportunity Abounds” (2014); and for the TV series: “Lower Spirits – Skinwalker” (2017).
  • Waldman composed the music for the short movie: “Opportunity Abounds” (2014); and the theme song for the short movie: “Humans” (2017).
  • Waldman has experience in community theater as an actor, assistant director, and stage manager. His community theatrical roles have been in comedies, dramas, and musicals.
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