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This month, it’s our pleasure to introduce the CinemaSlice collaborator, Jeremy Allen! The first CinemaSlice project Jeremy collaborated on is the episode of A Slice of Fright called, “Chivalry’s Dead“– Jeremy volunteered his  audio skills, and helped to make this creepy short film sound awesome. Jeremy then took it upon his self to produce the short horror film, “America’s Next Top Serial Killer Model“. Since then, we’ve collaborated in a variety of capacities on various projects– including the award winning short film, “Par-A-Site”– and Jeremy even wrote the short film “O Tidings of Joy” that we shot at the 4th annual Black Friday filmmaking event last November!

Jeremy is a talented writer, photographer, and filmmaker– and CinemaSlice is proud to call him a Slicer! Learn more about Jeremy, straight from the horses mouth:

I was a wanna-be musician most of my life, until I had my first kid. Once he came along, I had to give up my dreams of being a rock star, and sold all of my gear. I hated not having a creative outlet, so picked-up a camera in 2004, and started taking pictures. In 2006, I started working with models, and doing horror photography.

In 2011, I did some promotional photos for a local film / art / music festival called SynerFest. While at the festival, I was asked by a local film maker if I would be interested in doing some lighting on a film he was working on (Jeremy Borden, Psychosomatic Films). I had no idea that people just made movies, so I jumped on the opportunity. I went to the location, walked down into a basement, and saw five women done up like cat people, who were highly trained assassins (It was called, “Sexy Kittens Love Flesh”). There were guns, blood, special FX, and all kinds of crazy shit; I loved it.

It was through SynerFest that I met Jeremy, as well as Josh Hartwell (Evox Media) and Mike Neider (Mad Shiva). I continued to do photography, but also helped them on their film projects over the next few years; they got me started, and taught me a lot (I’m still learning from them!). I worked on their projects, we collaborated on some projects, we did contests, and they helped me when I wanted to give it a try with my own stuff. In 2014, I wrote and directed my first script. In 2015, I decided to stop doing photography altogether, and focus on film making.

And here I am.

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