Meet the Slicer: Marvin

Sup Slicers!?

It’s time to introduce another Slicer to the world! It’s our pleasure to continue working with the uber-talented Marvin Maddicks, Jr! Marvin is an illustrator and musician, and has create CinemaSlice Comic Books, Audio Compilations, and film scores for CinemaSlice films!

The last year or so has produced numerous awesome collaborations opportunities– and the future will doubtlessly only bring more quality projects!

Marvin Maddicks was born on Dec 11th, 1975. He learned to draw on his own at the age of 8, and has slowly improved his craft every day since then. He loves to draw comic books– His in

spiration came from collecting Marvel and DC comics in the early 90’s.

In High School, Marvin became a fan of horror movies. His favorite horror movie to this day is CreepShow.

In 2009 Marvin started producing musical instrumentals using FL Studio. He’s continued to produce original music compositions over the past decade or so.

Marvin combined several of his favorite things to create Nightmistful comics— where he draws and develops his own independent horror comic books.

Stay-Tuned, Slicers, because Marvin Maddicks, Jr is guaranteed to be in more CinemaSlice content in 2019!

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