Meet the Slicer: Ray Clark

This month, it’s my pleasure to introduce an incredibly talented actor and writer, Dr. Ray Clark. Dr Clark has been involved with CinemaSlice since the very first Black Friday event  in 2015 (if you don’t know, Black Friday is our annual filmmaking event)– And we are thrilled that he’s put up with us for this long! Any project Ray is involved with is sure to be quality– because, he’s not only motivated and accomplished– he’s also the most happy-go-lucky guy I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s the kind of guy who’s positive energy makes any shoot fun to be on (even the ones that start EARLY in the morning, and shoot outside in the rain)!
Ray has written multiple episodes of our horror anthology series, A Slice of Fright-The Confession, The Driver, Encouragement, and more! – and has starred in MANY CinemaSlice productions:
  • Curb Stomp
  • Kung Fuckery
  • Cry for Paul
  • Fanatic
  • Terminal B
  • The Electronic Moving Picture Show – Ep#1
  • Fuck Green Eggs and Ham
  • Playground X (co-Host)
  • Humans
  • The Devil Bat
  • A Slice of Fright Episodes:
    • “Doppelgänger”
  • and more!

Dr. Ray Clark is an author of 6 books, and a resident of Bay City, MI. Check out some of his books on Amazon! Support Independent Art!
Pick up a copy of DRIVER 5 today!
Dr Clark also likes to dress up like Spider-Man and swing from building, thwarting evil doers!
HE insists he is modest.
The good Doctor is an invaluable contributor to the ‘Slice, when he can be bothered to make a deadline.
(Editor’s note, this piece is ahead of deadline.)
But Dr. Clark’s interests and talents don’t end here! Ray is also a real-deal paranormal investigator! Check out his YouTube Channel here (NOBODY BELIEVES ME PARANORMAL).

Tune in EVERY Monday at 2pm to check-out his bizarre live streams!

Plans to shoot episodes of his first book “Driver 5” are in the planning stages as you read this. I have a feeling we’ll see much more from Dr Ray Clark!
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