“Monday” Reel Review

At some point in everybody’s life we have all experienced an extreme case of the Monday’s. In the comedy film “Monday”, written and directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin, we find out that maybe our “extreme” Monday may not be the worst after all. “Monday” follows the exploits of Jim (Jamie H. Jung) a young man who is more interested in his hobbies (video games, Game of Thrones, smoking weed) than he is with his job or his girlfriend Alice (Bonnie Gayle). He wakes up one Monday and soon finds out that his lackadaisical attitude has gotten him fired from his job and his girlfriend to leave him. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, his Monday goes from bad to extraordinary terrible.

Monday” takes the simple concept of having a bad day and turns it on its head. The mixture of everyday experiences that are relatable, with the over the top moments that a normal person would most likely never experience makes the story very intriguing for the viewer. You connect with the main character Jim in a way that, even though he has gotten himself into this situation by his own bad habits and actions, you feel for him and want to see him succeed in the end. I know that when I’ve had a bad day I sometimes think “How can this day get any worse?” and this movie answers that question in a extremely hilarious fashion.

A minor criticism that I do have is with some pacing issues in the third act. The story builds to such a breakneck speed that I feel some of the story elements start to break down. Decisions that the characters make and their motivations, especially the main antagonist hitman (Anna Schate), start to get a bit muddled and confused. Although it didn’t ruin the film for me in any way, I feel a slightly slower paced third act would have worked out some of these issues.

Monday is a fantastic comedy with plenty of laugh out loud moments, masterfully done sound editing, and some great comedic action scenes to boot. The movie gets a bit too faced-paced in the end, which creates some weird character motivation issues, but does not overly affect the overall quality of the final product.

Whether your having a bad day or a good day (maybe it happens to be a Monday?) throw in this film for a lot of great laughs!

5 out of 6 reels.

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Mark Kelly

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