“Nano Addiction” – Reel Review

CinemaSlice.com has launched a new series highlighting a new movie each month that embodies the spirit of great independent filmmaking.

The second movie that has been selected for the Indy Film Spotlight is the sci-fi action/adventure “Nano Addiction” by Zach Deering. Life gets very weird and more than a little dangerous when a drug addict, Ferric (James Hudson), inadvertently takes a strange substance known as Nanobots. Ferric quickly finds out after taking the Nanobots that his life may never be the same again.

This was an extremely well done, stylistic action flick.

I enjoy sci-fi that attempts to show a more realistic version of the genre by mixing elements of our real life everyday activities with the science fiction elements. Films like HER (2013) and THE MARTIAN (2015) are some examples. Although I am not an addict, the main character Ferric is written and acted so well that I felt his struggles and wanted to continue this journey with him through the film. The special effects were also a standout and they were clearly done with great care and thoughtfulness. They elevated the action scenes making them more tense and effective.

One personal criticism that I have is I would have liked a more thorough explanation of what Nanobots are as they relate to this film. Also, I could have used a better understanding of the motivations of the different factions that are after the Nanobot technology. I understand, however, that this is more a story about Ferric and his struggles. Maybe these other aspects can be explored in a sequel. Yes, I am one of those people that actually enjoyed PROMETHEUS(2012) and ALIEN: COVENANT (2017)– and I hope Zack and Strafing Run make a SEQUEL!

Nano Addiction” is another great addition to the Indy Film Spotlight. It’s a great sci-fi story with an interesting, relatable main character and full of action that is accompanied by some great special effects. The lore, while not fully fleshed out, is left open to the possibility for some interesting sequels.

5 out of 6 reels.

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