Nano Addiction

Nano Addiction (2018) is the second film in the CinemaSlice Indy Film Spotlight series! We're pleased to present this sci-fi adventure story! We're expecting to see many more great projects from this talented team!



Log Line

New addiction, new strength, new foes!



Ferric is at the bottom of the social classes in this grim future.  He steals to support his drug addiction, but when his dealer gives him a new drug on the street called nanobots, Ferric gains new strengths and powerful enemies.  After waking up from a high in the country, a mysterious guide attempts to lead him to safety by using his new found abilities.



Behind the Scenes

  • Nano Addiction was shot almost entirely in Cass City and Caro Michigan.
  • This was the last film I shot on director Zachary Deering's Panasonic HMC 150 before upgrading cameras.
  • A Portion of Nano Addiction was shot in an old factory in Cass City and this has been a great spot for other film shoots as well.
  • While shooting a fight scene a jogger asked us about what we were doing-- He was probably worried!
  • while shooting in Caro, someone asked us if we were making a documentary about cleaning up Caro.



  • James Hudson - Ferric
  • Jarrett Ross - Russel
  • Michaela Romain - Betty
  • Leon Krantz - Accomplice
  • Darik Stone - Thug
  • Jarrett Ross - I.M.S. Agent
  • Tony Bradley - Pawn Shop Owner

Written & Directed By: Zachary Deering

Editing and VFX By: Zachary Deering

Set Design, Wardrobe and Set Design: Zachary Deering, James Hudson, Jarrett Ross

Sound Design: Zachary Deering, James Hudson

Tag Phrases

"Nano Addiction", "Sci Fi", "Action/Adventure", "VFX"

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