No Return

CinemaSlice presents No Return, a Dramatic film by Nic White.

NO RETURN is about Stanley Poe, a man with a dark mind. Stanley's bad decisions lead him deeper and deeper into a downward spiral with life-changing consequences for him and his family.

This official website will serve as a blog as we ramp up to produce No Return in Columbus, Ohio in March of 2020.

Electronic Press Kit: HERE
Official Trailer: COMING SOON

7/30/20 - New teaser poster

7/29/20 - NO RETURN Director's Vlog #11

5/15/20 - The official Teaser poster is finally here:

5/01/20 - Post-production, compositing, editing, foley and color grading are fully finished! Final music compositions are now in development.

3/14/20 - Primary photography has completed!


3/10/20 - Check out the vlog from a primary photography day!!

3/9/20 - New Teaser Poster is here!!

3/4/20 - Director's Vlog #8 is here

3/2/20 - Check out the OFFICIAL TEASER POSTER for No Return.

No Return

2/28/20 - The pre-production journey continues in the latest Director's Vlog for NO RETURN!

2/24/20 - Director Vlog #6 - Director Nic White discusses location scouting, and more!!

2/21/20 - Director Vlog #5 discusses Props, and meets with our primary cast!

2/18/20 -Director Vlog #4 is here! This Vlog is discussing story, plot, and themes for NO RETURN.

2/17/20 - Austin Michael Riley, the 2019 CinemaSlice "composer of the year" winner, has signed-on to NO RETURN! Austin has also developed initial instrumentation for NO RETURN. We're in good hands!

2/16/20 - Today was our 2nd day of production! WOOT! Check out the NO RETURN - Production VLOG #3!

2/9/20 - Today was our 1st production day for NO RETURN! Thanks to our cast and crew for making this happen!

2/5/20 - Our first day of shooting is this weekend (2/9/20). We're very excited to start rolling on NO RETURN!

1/31/20 - NO RETURN Vlog Post #1

Director/writer/producer, Nic White, discuss the progress of NO RETURN thus far in our first "Director VLOG".

1/24/20 - Final casting decisions have been made!
Meet the cast of "NO RETURN"!
Dive into darkness, plunge past the point of no return.

STANLEY - Paul Stelzer
HELENA - Khris Scarlato
AUBREY - Roz Makofsky
JESSICA - Harper Holmes
ROGER - Mazikeen
RANDY - Ian Beckreoge
SUZANNE - Jami Cullen
ELIZABETH - Amber Lynn Reno
SHOPPER #1 - Valarie Barrera
SHOPPER #2 - Alyssa Wright
SHOPPER #3 - Emmy Santillan
SHOPPER #4 - Jessica Felden
SHOPPER #5 - Tiffany Douglas
CLERK - Su Von Touch
PARTY KID #1 - Shealyn Hamrick
PARTY KID #2 - Adara Ackerson
PARTY KID #3 - Sloane Guilfoil
DANCER - Natalie Claire Kander


1/19/20 - Official casting has been delayed until 1/24/20! However, we're still very much on-schedule for shooting in March 2020.

As we continue to review all of the amazing audition tapes and select the best actors for each role, we invite you to reach out to (NO attachments) with any questions.

1/14/20 - As we consider the amazing audition tapes for primary cast, we begin seeking extras for No Return.

- Flirtatious Clerk (woman, early 20's)
- Shopper #1-3 (Early 20s)
- Dancer #1-2 (woman, 20's)
- Suzanne (40 yr old mother)
- Party Kids #1-3 (6-9 yrs old)


1/12/20 – We’ve received so many amazing auditions! I wish we could cast them all!!! Now’s the time to dig in and review all auditions to find the right actor for each role. Official casting announcements will be made on 1/19/20!

1/5/20 – We’re currently casting for the following roles:


  • Helena – 40 yr old woman
  • Stanley – 40 yr old man
  • Randy – 20 yr old man
  • Elizabeth – 20 yr old woman
  • Jacob – 7-9 yr old boy
  • Aubrey – 6-9 yr old girl
  • Roger – Friendly cat
We’re officially past the point of NO RETURN!

1/1/20 – The first draft of NO RETURN is complete!
Let’s begin casting!


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