Papers X: Carbon Copy – Reel Review

Over the span of a year is showcasing 12 independent movies in our new series, The Indy Film Spotlight.

First up is the action/horror/comedy “Papers X: Carbon Copy” directed and written by Tony Tale. Carbon Copy is the tenth installment of a saga about a old paper mill that was burnt to the ground in the 1930s and the ongoing war between the ancestors of the family that owned the paper mill and the family’s of the lost souls in the blaze itself. In the film we follow Kayden McCoy (Kayden Bryce) as she discovers her family’s history and what part she plays in the ongoing fight against the evil Paper Lord (Ashley Gray) and her powerful “paper” superpowers.

This film worked because of the marriage between great acting and fantastic story!

They both create a compelling drama that makes you want to watch till the very end. The comedic moments come when you’re caught up in a tense, scary scene and then find yourself laughing, realizing the absurdity of the situation that the characters are actually in. This is due to the fact that most of the characters in the film are affected in different ways by paper products (toilet paper, notebook paper, paper towels, etc.) due to the burning of the old paper mill. The direction to remain serious and true to the heart of the story despite the adherence to the laughable set of rules that this world creates are a strong point in this film.

One constructive criticism is that “Papers X: Carbon Copy” has a rather complicated lore. Although this can be watched as a stand-alone film, parts that call back to previous installments can get muddled, even with the recap of the previous films in the prelude. The great paper-puns throughout the film help to make-up for this issue (“Our love is stronger than 2-play” ftw)!

The great acting and storytelling perfectly balances the drama of the situations presented and there ridiculousness due to the magical “paper powers” that most of the characters possess. Despite the storyline that may feel overwhelming at times, especially to new viewers of the series, I feel this is another worthy installment in the continuation of the “Papers” series.

4 out of 6 reels.



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