Paradise Fear Reel Review

Hello, Slicers! Here we go with another Reel Review and this time we’ll be looking at the short film Paradise Fear. Written and directed by “Zach Deering”, Paradise Fear is a sci-fi, action adventure short. It sticks to the same tense and frantic fun that we’ve come to expect from a Zach Deering original. CinemaSlice.coms Indie Film Spotlight featured two of Zach’s previous films, SAM and Nano Addiction. Both were highly entertaining. You can check out previous Reel Reviews covering SAM and Nano Addiction at

Two bounty hunters, played by “Michaela Romain” and “Anastasiia Greca”, are exploring the mysterious planet Paradise Sphere. Known only as a vacation destination, the planet is rumored to have some hidden secrets. As the bounty hunters are walking they observe a ship crash land onto Paradise Sphere. Paradise Sphere gunned down the ship. They begin to look for the surviving members of the wreckage. The plan is to capture the ships survivors and receive a huge payday for their bounty’s. They soon end up uncovering the secrets of Paradise Sphere that could affect the universe forever.

Paradise Fear is another quality sci-fi, action adventure effort by “Zac Deering”. His films are always fun and entertaining to watch because they combine multiple genres effortlessly. Paradise Fear pays homage to the classics such as Aliens and Predator while maintaining the great action and tension that those movies are famous for. Even though done on a low budget, the special effects were creative and very well done. However, some of the dialogue was hard to make out. The waves near the ocean were loud and drowned out some of the actors words. 

Overall, Paradise Fear was extremely enjoyable. If you’re into classic sci-fi action retold for today’s day and age, you will thoroughly enjoy this film. Hell, I say take and hour and have a “Zach Deering” marathon.

Binge watch SAM, Nano Addiction, and Paradise Fear all at once. You won’t be sorry.

I give Paradise Fear 5 out of 6 reels.

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